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Spring Forward with these 3 Outdoor Workouts

Warm weather workouts that you’ll absolutely LOVE!

Source: — Gabin Vallet

After spending the chillier months indoors and having to work out at home, we know you’re eager to head outdoors! Exercising in fresh air provides many benefits, including vitamin D absorption, immune system boosts, and stress relief. Sound enticing? Then keep reading down below for these three outdoor workout routines!

1. Power Walking

Kick your regular walking routine up a notch with this “Power Walk” routine from Priscilla Andrews! Super simple yet effective, this routine is great for beginners and those looking for a light workout. So grab your walking shoes and get moving!

2. Park Workout

Leave your backyard and head to the park instead to utilize park benches as equipment. This routine is perfect for when you want a change of scenery. Try it and check out more routines from Toi Sharae, too!

3. Dance Routine

Are you feeling festive? Then you’ll love this super fun outdoor dance routine from Moore2Health. Press play to enjoy the tunes and bust some moves because her playlist is AWESOME!

What are your favorite outdoor workouts? Chime in in the comments down below!

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