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1 in 3 children and adolescents are overweight or obese; female college students can change that.

Since 2013, our 501(c)3 nonprofit, SWEAT MAKES CENTS, has been dedicated to uniting and training female college students to solve the childhood obesity crisis in their communities for future generations. Through life-changing virtual and in-person programs, we heighten the self-esteem of female students by building career skills, sharing the tools to lead healthy and active lifestyles for a lifetime, and using grassroots efforts to inspire youth to give back to their communities through wellness.

SWEAT MAKES CENTS trains young health leaders and wellness journalists at 30 college campuses nationwide and awards scholarships. 

Over 5,000 girls have completed the 9-month SWEAT MAKES CENTS programs, impacted 20,000+ peers — and are on track to building healthy families and fulfilling the SMC vision they started in college.

Our programs rely on a portion of profits from PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT products and sweat events, as well as charitable donations and grants for its operations and scholarships. Please click here to contribute.


Health LeadershipJune 1August – April
Wellness JournalismJune 1August – April

Health Leadership Program

The Health Leadership Program, powered by PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, elevates female college students to create active environments for their peers. By providing students with tools and resources, funding, direct assistance, and training, SWEAT MAKES CENTS is helping students get moving and successfully transition into womanhood.

The focus is on nurturing a community of health leaders on college campuses and online, instilling trust among students, and setting a high standard we hope others will embrace. Students play a central role in program design and activity choices. The curriculum encompasses both physical and mental fitness, as well as technology and the viral power to encourage female students to become more active.

During the multi-year program, students have the opportunity to learn various skills, including storytelling, goal-setting, graphic design, public speaking, community building, organization, social media marketing, public relations, event planning, fundraising, and promotion. We collaborate with active college students from August 1st to April 30th each academic year.

Young women are at a critical juncture in development. As they learn to manage their own health and health care with less parental oversight, they are forming habits that will affect their well-being, learning, and personal and career fulfillment over a lifetime. Health education also impacts future generations. According to the US Department of Labor, women make approximately 80 percent of health care decisions for their families. Our programs educate and activate female students before conception.

The Health Leadership program fueled by PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, and SWEAT MAKES CENTS has shown me the power of sisterhood and has taught me how to stay organized and goal-oriented, two very important traits to have in the workforce. I hold myself more highly as an individual, have improved my health and fitness habits, and have focused more on living to be happy and not skinny. – Mackenzie H. (Rutgers University)


Health Journalism Program

The Health Journalism Program empowers multicultural female college students to inspire women to take charge of their health and make positive life changes. Through their reporting, they share success stories, provide well-researched and evidence-based tips and practical advice, and highlight the achievements of diverse women who have overcome challenges and achieved their fitness and wellness goals. Please submit a writing sample with your application. 

Participating in the Health Journalism program has been a life-changing experience for me. It has given me a clearer vision of my career path and helped me develop my skills as a journalist. Through the program, I have made valuable connections with the interviews I’ve conducted and created a portfolio of work that I am proud of. It has also revealed my writing capabilities and boosted my confidence, work ethic, and creativity. Most importantly, the program has showcased the various career paths available in journalism. – Olivia H. (Georgia State University)


*Applicants MUST be females between the ages of 17-25, registered in college, and legal, US residents. SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY.