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Beat the Sugar Rush with these 3 Healthy Halloween Snacks that Your Kids Will LOVE!

source: Instagram – @foodbites

The scariest part of Halloween isn’t the ghouls or goblins. Instead, it’s your child’s sugar rush! Every parent has witnessed their mini-me’s hyper behavior after a few too many sweets, not to mention the moodiness and irritation once they “crash.” And did we mention those awful tummy aches that follow?

This Halloween, try something different while staying in the spooky spirit. We’ve found three clean, healthy Halloween snack recipes to satisfy your child’s sweet tooth and maybe yours too! Check them out below.

Chocolate-Covered Apple Rings

Ligia is a plant-based foodie who’s all about clean and tasty eating! Not only are her chocolate-covered apple rings yummy and festive, but they’re simple enough that your kiddos can help you make them! Check out this video for the how-to, and follow her Instagram and Youtube for more recipes.

Tangerine Pumpkins

MynxEats is all about bringing a fun and creative spin to healthy eating, and these tangerine pumpkins are her latest creation. These tasty little treats will definitely catch your child’s eye and fill up their belly too! How adorable are they?

Spooky Yogurt Bark

Alexandra is your go-to for tasty, kid-friendly meals! This spooky yogurt bark is sure to get your child in the Halloween spirit. Using only five ingredients and no added sugar, this is a sweet treat that you can feed your kids guilt-free. Check it out!

Don’t they look tasty, #SweatSisters? Try these out and let us know in the comments what your kiddos think of them!

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