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Unpacking the Gym Makeup Debate with thread beauty!

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT is known to keep an ear to the streets, and lately, a scorching topic has been making waves—the gym makeup debate! The fitness community is picking a side between whether or not wearing makeup to the gym is practical, feasible, or acceptable.

Recently, on our PGS Instagram, we sat down with thread beauty’s Director of Marketing, Kia Marie Antoinette, to discuss all things thread, self-care, and, of course, her stance on the gym makeup debate. Peep the video below!

On Her Position at thread: “I oversee every marketing aspect, so I report directly to Melissa Butler, who’s the CEO and founder of The Lip Bar, which we’re actually a sub-brand of. Some people know that and some people don’t. We’re the first sister brand she’s ever launched, as part of The Lip Bar becoming more of a conglomerate of a company rather than an individual company, so girl boss vibes all around! Here, I oversee everything from social, I interact closely with product development, all of our marketing, what we put in the store, all of our photoshoots, and how we show up. So pretty much just coming up with a vision and aligning with Melissa on what we want thread to show up as, and then just doing all of the work to make that happen!”

On Affordability: “One of our slogans, the end of it is like ‘No matter how much money you have in the bank, you deserve to show up how you want.’ We have 14 different shades of colored lipstick. If you wanted to go in and turn up and buy all 14 shades, you can do that. But if you’re ballin’ on a budget and you need one red, or one purple, or one burgundy to get your look off, then you just spend your eight dollars plus tax and you’re good to go!”

On Gym Makeup: “I do some of my best workouts when I’m feeling beautiful, you know? And if my beautiful is a red lip and a concealed under-eye, then that’s just what y’all gon’ get!”

You can find two of our thread beauty go-to’s in the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT 11th Birthday box. Our founder, Aeshia, LOVES using this duo to get her glow on in the gym! Check out her routine below!

Do you wear makeup to the gym, #SweatSisters? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments down below!

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