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Cardio vs. Strength Training: How to Determine Which is Best for You!

They say that life is all about choices, and the gym is no exception! So when it’s time to break a sweat, you may wonder, “Treadmill or weight rack?” or “Stairclimber or leg press?” These questions need answers, and PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT is going to break it down for you!

We all have unique fitness and body goals that we’re striving to achieve, and of course, the exercises we do can make or break them. So keep reading below to find out which one to choose!


Cardio is short for cardiovascular, which refers to the heart and blood vessels. Also referred to as aerobic exercises, cardio consists of workouts that get your blood pumping and heart racing. Increased blood flow and oxygen intake are proven to activate and accelerate the metabolism.

Cardio workouts repeat high sequences of intense physical activities over a period of time. Popular forms of cardio include: running, jogging, swimming, bicycling, and HIIT.

Due to cardio’s potent metabolism-boosting effects, cardio exercises are great for fat-burning and weight loss, but cardio can burn muscle too. So cardio is great for slimming down but not so great for toning up!

Best for:
1. Losing weight
2. Overall health
3. Building Endurance

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Strength Training

Strength training is all about the muscles and consists of exercises that target and develop strength, muscle mass, and healthy bone and joint functions. Strength training is performed by using forms of resistance and increasing said resistance over time. Popular forms of strength training include weight lifting, bodyweight workouts, machine presses, and more.

Since strength training targets the muscles, it is ideal for those seeking to gain weight via muscle mass and those who wish to tone up loose skin. Exercises utilizing low weights at high repetitions will tone muscles, while high weights and low repetitions are known to build mass. No matter what strength training you do, make sure to warm up and cool down afterward!

Best for:
1. Gaining weight
2. Toning Up
3. Building Strength

Fitness maven Kesha Collins is no stranger to strength training! In this weekly workout routine video, she utilizes multiple avenues of strength training, such as weights and machines, and teaches YOU how to do the same. Peep the video and make sure to stop by her Instagram for more fitness content!

What are your fitness goals, #SweatSisters? Which form of exercise will you be using to meet them? Sound off in the comments below!

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