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SWEAT EVENT: PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Black History Month Double Dutch Experience!

photo credit: @sylvialeephotography

In honor of Black History Month, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT kicked off February with sweat, sisterhood, and soul! Recently, two dozen #SweatSisters made their way to Sessions Atlanta for a fun, high-energy workout led by husband and wife duo Sean and Michelle Clark of Double Dutch Aerobics. Double Dutch is much more than just a schoolyard memory and a good cardio session—it’s also a cornerstone of Black American culture that encompasses teamwork, community, bonding, and creativity. Check out all of the fun we had down below!

Guests, including Get Loved Up founder Koya Webb and vegan chef and author Jenné Claibourne, were met with a warm welcome and a PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Movement Tee before boosting their energy with Nature’s Bakery fig bars and taking a moment to write their favorite quotes on a PGS note card. Guests swapped quote cards and connected through meaningful conversation.

“What keeps life fascinating is the constant creativity of the soul.”

Deepak Chopra (via @marviflay)

PGS founder Aeshia DeVore Branch shared the story of the sweat sisterhood movement and its history-making impact on college campuses nationwide through its non-profit SWEAT MAKES CENTS. Then Sean and Michelle took over to lead the group, including yoga influencer Cleopatra Lee, in a transformational workout, with everyone laughing and screaming with joy as they shocked themselves by double dutching for the first time.

The high-energy class ended with a celebration of Shea winning the elimination round!

“Sometimes the blessings come after you think its over.”


A sweat sisterhood circle was formed to end the workout with the #FabAbFebruary challenge and give each attendee an opportunity to introduce themselves and what they need in this season of their lives.

“I am an electric foods expert, which is basically alkaline foods that have a PH of 7 or higher, I’m also a fitness coach, and I am a capricorn. What I need is just more of this energy. Energy is exchange so as long as I am around this type of energy, I feel like whatever gaps need to be filled within me, that energy will take up that space.”

Jaime Georgi (@electrik_fit)

The experience concluded with flavorful wraps and fresh juices from the Asian-inspired restaurant Wagamama. And guests were gifted vitamin-packed sea moss gummies from Ocean’s promise and custom waist beads from A+ C Adornments. Both are Black-owned brands!

Theeeee best Sunday!!! Had a whole entire blast and we burned over 500 calories



Since Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign inspired the launch of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT on September 24th, 2011, it was fitting that the soundtrack for the day was a collection of our Forever First Lady’s favorite songs! Check out her workout playlist down below!

Want to attend our next sweat event? Make sure to join the Sweat Sisterhood by following @prettygirlsweat and visiting to sign up!

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  1. I like the site and would like to join but it seems everyone is college age or younger than 40. I’m 60 and I don’t want to be the only one my age at the prettygirlfest. Do you have something like this that involves all ages?

    1. Hello Carolyn! We’re thrilled about your interest in joining the Sweat Sisterhood. Just so you know, our events are open to women of all ages. Our upcoming #pgsfest2023 presents an excellent opportunity to network and make fitness fun. Feel free to sign up and even bring along a couple of your sweat sisters:

      Looking forward to having you with us! xo, Aeshia