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5 Health & Wellness Supplements You NEED

Supplements for beauty, energy, rest, workouts, and more!


Whether it’s classes, careers, or raising the kiddos, we know how hectic life can sometimes get. When you’re feeling stretched thin, it’s easy for your health and wellness regimen to fall by the wayside. But that’s where supplements come in! Supplements are a great way to ensure you receive all the nutrients and sustenance needed to maintain your health. From beauty to sleep, to energy, to workouts, we’ve got a supplement for ALL your health and wellness needs! Check it out below!

1. For Beauty

If you’re looking for a skincare pick-me-up, this Target brand Collagen and Vitamin C supplement is for you! In this three times daily pill, collagen, and vitamin c work together to revitalize the appearance of your skin, hair, and nails. Collagen is clinically proven to promote cell turnover in the skin, while vitamin c is known to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots. All of these benefits for only $13.99? You can’t beat it!

2. For Rest

Put an end to the tossing and turning with these OLLY Sleep Support supplements! Sleep is pivotal for your health, and a good night’s rest can make a world of a difference for your mind and body alike. Comprised of melatonin and various botanicals, these $15 gummies are a must-have!

3. For Energy

We all need an energy boost sometimes, but it’s only occasionally wise to reach for that sugary energy drink or head out for another coffee run. Instead, these Health By Habit Energy Capsules provide a much healthier and cleaner alternative. Priced at only $8.99, starting your morning with a capsule of these will keep you alert and energized throughout the day.

4. For Nutrients

A tried and true PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT favorite, these Ocean’s Promise Sea Moss Gummies will soon become your favorite. Sea Moss is a superfood that features a whooping 92 essential vitamins and minerals, and you can receive each one of them in these tasty, convenient gummies. Priced at $32 for a count of 60, trust us, this will be money well spent! Pssst… this brand is Black-owned, too! 

5. For Workouts

Working out on a regular? Then it would help if you had some protein before and after a workout helps to promote muscle regeneration and bone and joint health. This Body Complete RX Plant-Based Protein Powder is a tasty way to ensure you’re healing after your sweat sessions! Available in SEVEN different flavors and priced at only $40, this supplement is just as yummy as it is nutritious! Pssst… this brand is Black woman-owned! 

6. For Menstrual Cycles

Kick bloating, cramps, and PMS symptoms to the curb with the My Happy Flo supplement! Featuring seven essential vitamins and minerals, this supplement will alleviate those painful period woes and make that time of the month much easier! Bottles start at $34, and monthly subscriptions are available, too! Pssst…this brand is Black woman-owned, too!

What supplements do you take daily? Sound off in the comments down below!

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