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Get Beach-Ready with These 3 Summer Body Workout Routines

Get in shape, boost your confidence, and feel your best with these popular trainers’ workouts.

Source: — Karolina Grabowska

As the temperature rises and summer approaches, many of us look forward to soaking up some sun and baring some skin. It’s natural to want to feel confident and comfortable in our bodies during this season of tank tops, shorts, and bathing suits. To help you achieve your summer body goals, we’ve curated three easy and effective workout routines that will have you feeling your best before you hit the beach. With these routines, you’ll have the confidence to rock that new bikini you’ve been eyeing. Keep reading for more details!

1. Jenna de Leon

Burn calories QUICK with this super fun full-body circuit from Jenna de Leon. This six-exercise circuit will help you burn 300 calories with ease. It makes the perfect beach body prep. Trust us!

2. Paula Villarragas

Work those glutes and get the perfect bikini booty with Paula Villarraga’s lower body workout routine! You only need a mat, a resistance band, and some high energy to complete this routine—you can’t beat that!

3. Nicci Robinson

Bored on the beach? Nicci Robinson has got you covered! In this reel, Nicci shows you SEVEN super easy exercises that can be done in the comfort of the sand! Try it out the next time you hit the beach!

How are you getting fit for the summer? Let us know in the comments down below!

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