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Advice On Your 20s, From Those Who Know Best!

Women in their 30s and beyond share their wisdom on health, relationships, and more with women in their 20s: empowering the next generation to thrive in all areas of life.

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The 20s are often dubbed the most challenging years of a person’s life. It’s the decade where you’re officially thrust into adulthood and have to make decisions that will follow you for years. It can be overwhelming and confusing, but luckily, you don’t have to weather it alone. Over on our Instagram, we started an open forum for women ages 30 and up to offer their advice and expertise to women in their 20s, and the responses were mind-blowing! So keep reading down below for advice from the #SweatSisterhood!

“Eat well.

Learn what you require to be understood and loved.

You are a more than enough.

God has more for you than you can ever perceive.

Social media is not real.


Say I Love You To The People You Love.

Revenge is only hurting you.

Do not receive everything someone gives you.

There are good men out here who will value you and love you the first time.”

@alexandraknowsbest on instagram

“Find fun ways to get active that you can enjoy!! It will make you feel good while you’re working on bettering YOU. Take a Pilates class, watch a YouTube dance class, go for hikes, whatever sounds fun but gets you moving. While your being active focus on being present with YOU. Pay attention to what you are consuming mentally, physically and spiritually. Listen to your body and don’t be afraid of asking for help along the way! Use your resources and remember not everyone’s journey looks the same. Keep doing you!!✨”

@Jascemmone on InstaGram

“💛 Move your body & switch up your workouts. Your body will thank you.
💛 Drink WATER. (& mind your business)
💛 Set aside at least one day a week to reset and reclaim your space. Self-care is veryyyy important.
💛 Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Your path is unique and predestined. 🙌🏽
💛 Everyone is NOT your friend. Use your gift of discernment and place people accordingly.
💛 Do NOT waste time in a relationship that doesn’t serve you. Period.
💛 Start a skin care routine if you haven’t already. Preserve your youthful glow.✨”

@andrea.Mckensie on instagram

“Prioritize BOTH your physical and mental health!! Next Thursday is the last day of my 30s🙌🏽 I’m going to share this advice real quick:
✨Boundaries are your friend! Learn how to set them, especially when having to meet family demands or friends.
✨Choose your circle and use discernment while doing so. Certain ones are wolves in sheep’s clothing
✨Physical and mental health go hand in hand. Self care ALWAYS ‼️
✨Stop seeking validation from those who do not value your worth as a woman
✨Hydration is key! Drink plenty of water and make sure you don’t miss a minute of it!
✨Choose food that isn’t going to create issues for your health. It’s ok to indulge but also have balance with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Just try to limit fast food intake.
✨Embrace your entire self; flaws and all. Do not allow social media to create body dysmorphia because of what you see. Self love is everything!🤍
✨It’s ok to be independent but adults need villages too! Lean in and ask for help if needed.
✨Everyone moves differently. So don’t try to rush yourself because you think you’re behind! You are where you need to be.
✨If I didn’t mention the importance of therapy already, I am reiterating it. There’s nothing wrong with going to therapy. You can work collaboratively with your therapist about any past trauma or injustices so that you can heal 🤍
💎Move your body!!! Exercise is strong medicine 💪🏽
💎Don’t let any damn body put you in a box! Authenticity is everything! Keep shining regardless!!
I actually feel like giving a rite of passage here to the younger crowd because my twenties and thirties were tumultuous 🤦🏼‍♀️🥴 I hope you can use this advice. Keep shining, divas💃🏼🫶🏽✨💎”

@datzsonise On Instagram

“Get familiar with your blood work. Get the lab tests to know your hormone levels, etc. since those can indicate how you approach your personal diet and exercise routine.”

@honestlytatianah on instagram

“Sometimes you have to choose yourself. We are so busy taking care of everyone else. Its okay to say no and choose you.”

@vicki_sb1982 on instagram

“-Be present and show up for yourself
-Working out and eating healthy is sexy
-Seeking therapy is a beautiful thing
-Set boundaries with everything and everyone
-Take care of your dental health
-Save your coins. A little turns into a lot later
-Ball on a budget

@Me_Karen_Marie on instagram

“It’s a life long journey and the earlier your start the better off you’ll be and the easier it will get. You spend more time in adulthood than any other phase in life, prepare to make it as easy as possible.”

@dr.karinab on instagram

“Staying healthy is hard but being sick is harder. So choose your hard. Wellness is a lot cheaper than illness.”

@_shedopeaf_ on instagram

“Stop being judgmental! Give yourself grace! Life gets crazy but you can always reset! Be realistic! Take it a day at a time! Try to love your body at every stage! Motherhood is serious, it’s okay to take your time & find your rhythm.”

@shes_mary On instagram

“For my young analytical sistahs. Not everything has to make sense, especially in relationships. You will drive yourself insane trying to make it make sense.”

@bae_2xs on instagram

So much wisdom to take in here! Check out the IG post for more gems, and chime in on the conversation in the comments down below!

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