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ZFITCO: An Affordable Latina-Owned Activewear Line that You NEED in Your Closet!

source: Instagram – @zfitcompany

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT loves to see a woman taking charge, so when Z Fit Company’s founder and co-owner Nicole Centeno stopped by our Instagram for an interview, we couldn’t have been more excited!

ZFITCO is an athletic apparel brand that mixes quality, style, and affordability into garments that’ll make you the star of the gym! The brand aims to foster freedom and expression for women everywhere while also fighting against a pertinent issue—child sex trafficking. A percentage of every purchase made at ZFitCo is donated to the Child Rescue Coalition to offer aid and support.

Snag your ZFITCO gear in the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT 11th Birthday Box! There are seven potential workout sets up for grabs, so tag us on Instagram when you receive yours! Also, check out the interview below for the full scoop on ZFITCO!

On the Child Rescue Coalition Efforts: “I could tell you it’s about quality or pricing, and while that’s not false, it’s not the drive of everything, it’s so much more. I’m 27. I don’t want to go not even five more years down the road and say “this is all I’ve done” and I’m not happy. I wanna do something that means something to me, and my team is the same, so that [The Child Rescue Coalition] is the inspiration behind what I do.”

On Practicing Self-Care as a Busy Woman: “There are three B’s that I try to live my life by. The first one is balance. You’ve got to find a balance in this life of yours to feel good and to help yourself before you can help other people. The second one is boundaries. Unfortunately when women try to set boundaries and we try to be strict people often throw that other b-word at us but it’s like no! I’m just trying to get things done! But you know, it is what it is. And the last one is bounce-back, ‘cause baby let me tell you! You’ll meet a lot of people who’ll tell you ‘No’ or ‘I’m not interested’ but there are others who’ll tell you ‘Oh my god, I love this!’ or ‘I vibe with you, let’s be friends!’ and that’s really awesome actually, so those are my three B’s.”

Which ZFITCO set did you end up grabbing, #SweatSisters? Let us know down below!

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