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The Perfect Boyfriend Checklist

Looks aren’t everything. While physical attraction is needed in any relationship, it is more important to connect mentally and be comfortable with each other. There are ten top qualities to look for in a guy that will surely help you as you search for your “Mr. Right.”
1. Someone that can be your friend first and foremost
Being friends above everything else is most important in a relationship. Dating someone should never feel awkward or as if you’re talking to a stranger. Always develop a bond with someone you have a connection with.
2. Honesty
Honesty is said to be the best policy, which is why it is essential to look for a partner that will be honest and open with you. Having someone that is straightforward with you will only allow the lines of communication to always be open.
3. Sense of humor
Who doesn’t want someone that will make them laugh? There’s no need to be serious all the time in any relationship. Therefore, look for someone who will always be able to make you let out a giggle and will also get your sense of humor.
4. Intelligence
Intelligence makes anyone much more attractive. While it may seem cool to go for the dumb, popular kid, it is truly a wise decision to pick someone who makes schoolwork a priority.
5. Loyalty
Remaining true to one another is one of the major, unwritten laws of relationships. Finding a partner who is loyal may seem hard these days, but it truly isn’t. When you find a potential one, it becomes evident after a while if they are going to remain true or not.
6. Confidence
Confidence is the best outfit to wear. It is more noticeable than any new piece of clothing you could ever throw on. Confidence is a great quality to look for in a guy because it means they a secure with themselves, which means they will be secure in the relationship.
7. Positive attitude
A positive attitude is needed in all aspects of life and even more so in relationships. Look for someone who maintains a happy spirit even in tough situations. It is important to have someone who can lift your spirits when the going gets tough.
8. Maturity
While many guys today are immature, there are enough out there that have a high enough maturity level to be in a committed relationship. Maturity is needed to deal with tough situations that may arise when dating.
9. Attentiveness
Everyone wants someone that will pay attention to them and listen when they’re having a bad day. Choose a guy who is attentive to your feelings and needs. A relationship is two-sided, so it essential to have someone who is really there for you.
10. Kindness
This may seem like a simple quality, but kindness is one of the most important qualities to be on the lookout for in a guy. Too often, girls are mistreated by their significant other, so it is important to pay close attention to a guy’s behavior to pick up on if he’s kind or not.
What other qualities do you look for in a BF?

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