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PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Conquers Nike Women LA 2015

On a surprisingly chilly Los Angeles evening, things started to heat up when over 2000 women graciously gathered for Nike Women’s epic fitness experience in Los Angeles, CA. 50 young women representing PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT had been anticipating what physical and mental challenge they would endure after receiving their group itinerary a week prior.

Aeshia DeVore Branch, the founder of  PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, led the team from a private shuttle bus at the LA Convention Center to the exclusive Nike training facility in downtown LA.

Endless Nike employees ushered in guests as they danced to music by Fetty Wap and Nicki Minaj. DJ Niena’s Drake playlist ensured this was the party to be at on a Saturday night.

Custom Nike murals were all over the walls garnering messages from the new Nike Women #BetterForIt campaign. Aeshia was the first one to tag the wall for the team!

After exploring the grounds a bit and trying to get a sneak peek at all of the workout studios, everyone was called to the main stage.  “Tonight is about going for your personal best and leaving your comfort zone,” stated a robotic voice from above as 7 world-class female athletes including Carmelita Jeter, the fastest living woman in the world, graced the stage to officially welcome us to the 2015 N+TC Tour.

It was hard not to be completely inspired within the first two minutes. We had no idea what was coming! It turned into a full-on workout party to kick off the night.


Our first experience was GROOV3 – and man, it truly made us move! We were taught by professional dancers in this high-intensity cardio class choreographed to hip-hop hits.

After our first class, we were able to take a quick break and sip on delicious juices from SUJA and munch KIND granola bars. 

We were taking so many pictures and trying to upload everything to Instagram and Snapchat that our phones were already half dead! Thankfully, outside of each class, there were phone charging stations with little mini lockers – we wish those existed everywhere!


With our second class starting in minutes, we ran over to the next stop.  We stepped proudly into the PREVAIL studio and it felt like we were transported to Christina Aguilera’s “Dirty” video.  The music was pumping, the room was sweaty and we were ready to box!

PGS supporters Joy Hooper and Dawn Reese prepare their punches!

PGS supporters Massah and Miatta David celebrating with a glove bump after a successful speed round.

Overall there were 6 fitness experiences (Pound, Prevail, Groov3, NRC Speed Run, Flywheel, and Nike Training Club) and everyone was able to take 3 classes based on their fitness goals! They were all lead by top-level professional instructors with amazing playlists (we probably Shazam’d 20 new songs that night) for an unforgettable workout under the stars.


Pound was a class we had never seen before! A high-intensity and cardio-based workout using weighted, green drumsticks! Who would’ve thought a drumstick could bring such power to a workout?


The NRC speed run was absolutely just that.  It felt like an Olympic-level training base and even gold medalist Carmelita Jeter stopped by to share a few tips!


Flywheel was guided by the coolest wireless headphones! The teacher led the class with music and beats for the 30-minute sprint and cool down.


The world-famous NTC workout went down at the main stage where hundreds of participants could get fit at the same time. Led by top Nike instructors, who traveled from across the country, guests were instructed through a dozen bodyweight interval exercises.

Exhausted after our final class, we took cover in the lounge and stayed fueled with dinner from Whole Foods! There were fresh organic fruit cups, veggies and quinoa, and vegan smoothies from Suja. With our energy back, we walked over to the retail lounge Nike set up to take a look at their brand new collections.  It was so hard not to buy everything in sight.

There were so many celeb Nike ambassadors in the building!  As we were running to our first class, PGS supporter Melanie Fiona stopped us and said how excited she was to see the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT team in attendance (watch the video below)! We also spotted GoapeleSib Vicious from Revolt TV, Karli Henriquez from Dash Radio, Krystal B from Power 106, and megastar Ellie Goulding.


The Grand Finale was an amazing sendoff from Nike trainers who came from around the world.  They performed three choreographed dances, which ended with an insane fireworks show!

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