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PGS Founder Aeshia DeVore Branch Dishes Out Internship Application Advice In PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Show Episode 9

With an abundant team of interns and a growing number of college ambassadors, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT’s Dream Team continues to expand each year. As the founder of PGS, Aeshia DeVore Branch has to sift through countless applications and chat with tons of candidates throughout the year to find the most motivated and capable interns and ambassadors to help her push PRETTY GIRL SWEAT’s initiatives and grow the sweat sisterhood. Throughout her interviewing experiences, Aeshia has come across applicants who presented themselves poorly due to minor and major blunders with their initial application or during virtual interviews. 

If you’re trying to secure an internship or land your dream job, there are a few application and interview mistakes you should avoid making during the application process. Below, listen to Aeshia point out 9 behaviors to absolutely avoid so that you can make sure you are the most stellar interviewee!

You can connect with Aeshia by following her on Instagram for more career and life tips.

You can also listen to the podcast on iTunes by searching PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT.

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