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Need a pick me up? Read These 101 Encouraging Quotes from Sweat Sisters

When we reminisce about the launch of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest ATLANTA, the Wall of Wisdom is definitely one of the most memorable moments that come to mind. Though many of us were excited to try new workouts, meet cool creatives, and dance like we were on stage with Beyoncé and Cardi B, this simple activity gave women the chance to put pen to paper and sign, seal, deliver the gems of knowledge that have helped them survive this thang called life.

Showing solidarity by sharing a positive message with someone new was a great way to stay connected after the event concluded. MLK’s words and message are still very relevant in 2018, and in a time when our country is more divided than ever, showing support for the causes that are important to you can be one easy way to get involved. Once you’ve marked your calendar for PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT fest ATLANTA 2018, here are 100 of our favorite quotes and advice from Sweat Sisters. Let them serve as a source of motivation and inspiration when you need it most.

1.     Choose what makes you great. Love yourself. – Diamond Cooper (Facebook)
2.     Slow progress is better than no progress – Annonymous
3.     Know Better, Do Better. Go after your dreams! @midasmama
4.     Keep it pushing. @dude__itsme
5.     Be the greatest version of yourself. – @kaedifitqueen
6.     Create a safe space to explore more areas of self-love & happiness. – Kenda
7.     Remember to keep going! Everything happens for a reason. You are loved! – Brie Black (@allthingsbrie)
8.     Love yourself! – @musiclivesinme
9.     DRINK WATER – anonymous
11.   Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! – Charmaine Rosser (Facebook)
12.   If you don’t take a chance, you will never get one – clear your mind and GO! – @kaycici
13.   You are a strong beautiful woman! – anonymous
14.   If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, then BEAT ‘EM! – Kailah
15.   “We have to let go of the life we have planned… to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell (@breasinterlude)
16.   You are beautiful in every way. – anonymous
17.   Travel and expand your mind. @kimfungtoy
18.   Be the change you want to see. – Jatoare
19.   “Find a way or Make one.” – Clark Atlanta University Motto
20.   It’s my winning season. Everything connected to me is winning. #SheBelievedSheCouldSoSheDid (@caramelcutie)
21.   “Too low they build who build beneath the stars” – Edward Young (@princesssavania)
22.   To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. – @janinelamachine
23.   I a, fearfully and wonderfully made! @unique_tatyyy (CAU)
24.   “Do all things with love.” – Grandma (@iamtanyawhite)
25.   Recently learned about the health benefits of Matcha Green Tea!! Be open to trying! – anonymous
26.   Never apologize for wanting to do what’s best for you. – – anonymous
27.   Be the change you want to see in the world. #MelaninRich – Love, Brea
28.   Love yourself & be CONFIDENT! – anonymous
29.   Be you and always you and never stop being you. #LoveYourself – Ray
30.   Don’t dwell on regrets, instead learn from them. – @yurismarket
31.   Do what makes you happy & don’t let anyone dull your shine! – @tatitatmimi
32.   Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we aren’t real. Black Girls Rock! 🙂 – @lifeofambr_
33.   Hustle for the pretty things! – @milan_Rouge
34.   Do you BOO! – anonymous
35.   To Adison, continue to be beautiful and outgoing!! Good luck in DANCE!!! Remember to have fun and smile. – @msbasketball1
36.   Shake that cake 2 lose that weight. @lamovement
37.   For every dream is possible if you just believe. Despite your disappointments, TRUST GOD ONCE AGAIN. – anonymous
38.   “You can do all things with Christ.” @Khan_e
39.   I will hear a thousand NO’s but eventually, I will hear yes. So I keep going! – anonymous
40.   Don’t count the days, make the days count. Do what makes you happy. Stay hydrated. – @skyydope
41.   Be patient. Everything happens with time. You are beautiful and badass. NEVER forget it! @chaliabee_
42.   Fitness isn’t a destination, it’s a Journey! @sydney_annabelll3
43.   Keep moving forward. – anonymous
44.   Know your worth. – anonymous
45.   Always be true to who you are. – anonymous.
46.   Never give up. You are one step away from your BREAKTHROUGH. – Sunny
47.   To thine ownself be true. – @x_ashbash
48.   Which do you prefer? The PAIN of DISCIPLINE or the PAIN of REGRET. Choose to be GREAT! – @cruelladveal
49.   With God, all things are possible. – @1chocolatepearl
50.   You are what the world has been waiting for so be GREAT. Tatrabianlockwood (Facebook)
51.   She believed she could so she did! GET IT, GIRL! – anonymous
52.   Whatever you put your mind to you can achieve it, just go at your own pace. – CCB
53.   The grass is greener where you water it. – @classyyb
54.   Imagine your ideals, then make them real. – anonymous
55.   Be you. Be wonderful. Be different! STAND OUT. God doesn’t make mistakes. – Tawanna Seals (Facebook)
56.   “Stay far way from timid. Only make moves when ya hearts in it. And live the phrase ‘sky’s the limit’.” – Notorious BIG (@the.melanin.monroe)
57.   Live Your Best Life Now!!! Be fearless. @Gloryus_Devine
58.   Know your worth; be in love with yourself. @olegirlkym
59.   For every dream is possible if you just believe. Despite the disappointment, trust God once again. – anonymous
60.   DON’T CHASE YOUR DREAMS. LIVE THEM! @_cannonshannon
61.   Life is a journey. Fitness is a journey. Enjoy the ride! – anonymous
62.   You CAN do it! – anonymous
63.   Choose to be GREATER than what is Expected – Lupus warrior (@nyeshaalexis)
64.   Set reasonable and realistic fitness goals! @quturemedia
65.   Don’t let anyone hold you back from doing you. – Jamerah
66.   Always live in the moment and be proud of it. – N. Isom
67.   You’re beautiful just the way you are! Be fit & be great! – anonymous
68.   If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough. – Ashley (@_keepingupw.ash)
69.   Be kind… there’s not enough kindness in the world today. @bklynwoman
70.   Everybody wins, even me. – anonymous
71.   WE ALL FAMOUS. – anonymous
72.   Take it 1 day at a time! Meditation is key! Think positive thoughts! Love Yourself! – @_meaganjohnson_ | @dreamersvsdoers
73.   Challenge yourself to try something new! – @asiyamoebetta
74.   Dance your heart out. Try new things. – anonymous
75.   Life is what you make it. Live well. Live long. Manifest greatness. – Kiana (@kichane_) *wrote her card vertically
76.   BE BLESSED Beautiful!!! – C.J. (@wtgatl)
77.   When one door closes, two more open! – anonymous
78.   Never let fear stop you! – Tesa
79.   Don’t hide your shine. – Dana Terrell Coleman (Facebook)
80.   Work Hard… Play Harder. – Veronica Perry
81.   Be yourself!  – Tabria Sims
82.   Keep going! – anonymous
83.   Be yourself girl, or nobody will. – anonymous
84.   Remember someone is always watching and inspired by you, keep pushing! – Ladies of Steele
85.   You are fearfully and wonderfully made. – anonymous
86.   It is never too late to start over. Seriously. – @cocothesweetone
87.   Don’t act your age… always act better. #GirlTrek #StressProtest – Donna Cager
88.   Always do what you say you are going to do. That’s integrity! #GirlTrek #StressProtest – Donna
89.   In every perceived failure or setback is the seed of success!! – @courtneysnipes
90.   Fall seven times, stand up eight. – @sjblakely
91.   “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi 
92.   It always seems impossible until it’s done. –
93.   If you still look cute after your workout… you didn’t work hard enough. – Tamra Jarrett
94.   BE KIND, STAY HUMBLE. – @hellaleah
95.   Be the best version of YOU – @beautiful_raine
96.  “Believe in YOURSELF! Who else is gonna believe in you.” – 2 Chainz (anonymous)
97.   LOVE YOURSELF! – anonymous
98.   “Success is often a marathon. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” – @aeshiadevorebranch
99.   Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life. – @lifewtr
100. The only time you’re allowed to get low on yourself is during a squat. – @prettygirlssweat
101. The body can’t achieve what the MIND doesn’t believe!!! – Genise Shelton (@officialGenise)

Which quote is your favorite? Tell us below!

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