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Here’s Why Pickleball Has Been On Your Timeline Lately

Pickleball has been the talk of the timeline—here’s why!


There’s a new summer sport in town, and it has a funny name: pickleball! Lately, pickleball has been making waves on social media and even on your big screen. CBS’ new show “Pickled” has covered live footage of celebrity pickleball matches featuring stars like Kelly Rowland and hosted by Stephen Colbert. So, what’s all the excitement about this sport that many have never heard of? If you’re feeling a bit left out, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! Keep reading below for everything you need to know about this hot new sport!

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Kelly Rowland speaks on her matches’ proceeds being donated to Comic Relief, a nonprofit organization that fights against global poverty.

What It Is

An amalgamation of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, Pickleball is a paddle sport that can be played either indoors or outside and enjoyed by people of all ages. The game utilizes both upper and lower body strength, agility, and coordination, making it the perfect sport for anyone looking to cultivate a more well-rounded athletic rapport.

As of today, pickleball’s popularity has risen exponentially and become a coveted pastime all over the world.

Where It Came From

Invented in 1965 on Bainbridge Island, on a short ferry ride away from Seattle, WA, three fathers–Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCallum–decided to create a new game to entertain their children for the summer.

How To Play

Pickleball can be played either one-on-one or in pairs, with pairings being the most common. The court must be divided to offer an equal playing field for each respective pair. Each player must have a paddle, and only one ball, the pickleball, may be utilized.

The objective of the game is to land the pickleball in the court diagonal to the server. While initiating a serve, one’s arm must not reach above waist level and their feet may not touch the court. After the initial serve, players then have the opportunity to serve and score points until a fault is committed.

Typical games are typically played to 11 points, while tournaments are played to 15.

Read the official rulebook here!

Ever played pickleball? Tell us all about it in the comments down below!

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