5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Your Safe Space!

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There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long, hectic day, taking your bra off, and kicking your feet up. Your home is where you rest, unwind and recollect yourself–or at least it should be! So, #SweatSisters, if you’re struggling to get cozy in your new apartment, need to adjust your environment to increase your physical and emotional safety, or feel bored with your current space, we’ve got you covered!

Check out these five simple ways to truly make your home your sanctuary!

1. Declutter

Clutter makes you shudder! Seriously, a messy or disorganized home can make it hard to feel comfortable or at ease. The first step to shifting the energy in your home would be to rid it of anything excessive or unnecessary and organize what you have left. Donate those old magazines to a bookstore and shred any junk mail. Doing away with your unused items will help you welcome the new!

2. Lighter Colors

Color Psychology” is the theory that each color and its various shades can affect human emotions and trigger us in different ways. The general rule of thumb in color psychology is that brighter colors, such as yellow or light blue, can boost one’s mood and trigger positive emotions. Neutrals, such as white, beige, and gray, can stimulate feelings of peace and tranquility. Try to keep this in mind while painting and decorating.

Source: – Daria Shevtsova

3. Plants and Flowers

Plants have feelings, and they can change yours too! According to a study by the Washington Post, keeping plants and fresh flowers around the house has been proven to positively impact homeowners’ moods and emotions. Washington Post recounts the study’s results, stating, “less than 20 minutes is enough to make us feel more at peace. For example, in one experiment, participants who spent even five to 10 minutes in a room with a few houseplants felt happier and more satisfied than those in a room without plants. In another study, participants felt more peaceful and positive after spending 15 minutes in a room close to a tall plant (about five feet) compared with other objects.”

Naturalist E.O Wilson suggests that humans have an inherent connection with plants, facilitated through a phenomenon known as the biophilia hypothesis. This connection allows many humans to feel more at peace and relaxed while in nature, so if you want to foster these feelings in your home, bring in the plants!

4. Natural Lighting

Open those blinds, girl! There’s no better way to brighten your day than letting in some sunlight. So take the curtains down for a week (or two) and flip those light switches off to save some money! Instead, allow the sunlight to permeate your space. Some suggest that natural lighting can regulate your sleep schedule, make you feel more alert, and naturally control your home’s temperature. So give it a shot, and let us know how it goes!


5. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy defines the usage of aromatic compounds, or in other words, anything we smell, to stimulate positive psychological and physical benefits. Aromatherapy is one of the oldest forms of alternative and holistic medicine. Many believe that inhalation of controlled aromatic substances, such as herbs and essential oils, can relieve physical pain, anxiety, stress, and even depression. One easy way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy is through home fragrances like Honeybyrds Provisions flameless fragrances ($8.00) or essential oils and a diffuser. Check out the chart above to see which essential oil blend is best for you and see how PGS founder Aeshia incorporates aromatherapy into her morning routine.

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