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What To Consider When Selecting The Best Fruit

Shopping for produce can be Tricky. Most people instinctively know to avoid bruised or soiled produce, but there is so much more than what meets the eye when it comes to choosing the best fruit. Trust your senses, but if that doesn’t work, here are a few basic tips to help you choose the best fruit. 

Buy Seasonal Produce

It’s worth noting that not all fruit is fresh. Many of the fruits that are available all year long are transported from long distances, coated in wax, and stored in facilities to be sent out. To heighten your chances of getting the freshest and flavorful fruit, shop for fruits at their peak season. It also helps to check your local farmer’s markets to find fresher and less expensive fruits.  


If you’re anything like me, and can’t wait an entire year to eat your favorite fruit (shout out to mangoes), here is a guide on what to look for when buying a variety of fruit. Along with your senses, it is helpful to know what to look, smell, and feel for when shopping for your favorite fruit. There is nothing worse than getting home and biting into a mushy apple.

Apple’s: September-May 

The color of apples can range from yellow to red, but it is important that the apple is firm to touch and rich in color. Store them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a longer period of time.

Avocados: All year 

Avocados vary in size, shape, and color. Avoid too many brown markings on the skin. Avocados too soft to touch may be overly ripened. If you want to store the avocados, buy them when they are hard to touch, so they won’t spoil quickly.

Bananas: All year 

The best bananas are quite firm, bruise-free, and yellow in color speckled with a little brown. Green bananas are worth buying if you plan on eating them at a later time.

Berries: June-August

Strawberries & Blueberries – These berries are best when firm, bright, and plump. Avoid mushy and stained berries. They can be refrigerated and frozen.

Cherries: May-June 

Best when firm, dark red, and plump.

Grapes: June-December 

The color of grapes can range from green to dark purple. They should be fairly soft, plump, and have pliable stems.

Mangoes: April-August 

Mangoes can vary in size and color but always judge by feel. The best ones are slightly soft to touch. They sometimes also have a fruity fragrant near the stem end.

Peaches: May-August 

Should be fairly firm and deeply colored.

Plums: May-October 

Choose plums that are firm and not mushy. The best plums are deep in color and have a bit of shine to them.

Pineapples: March-July

Should have a fragrant aroma at the stem end. Good pineapples are heavy for their size. The stem leaves should be fresh-looking and green.

Watermelons: May-August 

Choose watermelons that are firm and heavy. When thumped, it should sound hollow. A ripened watermelon will have a dull yellow spot on one side.

What is your favorite fruit?

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