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Strength Training? Here’s How To Choose the Right Weight!

3 things you need to know before hitting the weight rack!

Source: — Mike González

If you’ve heard about the benefits of weightlifting and are looking to get started, look no further because we’ve got you covered! The weight rack can be intimidating, especially when you need help picking the right weight. According to doctors and fitness specialists at Insider, choosing the right weight before a workout is crucial. Utilizing the wrong weight can lead to complications such as muscle pain, joint damage, and ineffective workouts. So, let’s avoid these problems by ensuring you find the weight perfect for you!

Keep reading down below to learn how!

1. Consider the Exercise

Some muscles within your body and going to be stronger than others. Body parts that are stronger and more developed will naturally sustain a higher-weight workout than the muscles that are not as strong. So a part of your body generally stronger than others, such as the legs, will require a heavier weight than a body part with less developed muscles, such as the shoulders.

It is essential to understand that you will likely need different weight sets for various exercises, correlating with the muscles that each exercise targets.

2. Gauge How You Feel

Your body will never lie to you. The most honest and accurate assessment will come from your body when figuring out which weight is best for you. If a certain weight isn’t offering you any tension when exercising, then it is likely too low. You should always feel challenged while working out. On the contrary, it is likely too heavy if you need help while utilizing a certain weight adequately. Weights should never hinder your performance or functionality when working out.

3. Trial-and-Error

It will take a few trial-and-error runs before finding the perfect weight for you. So don’t be ashamed of having to test the waters with lower and higher weights before finding your “Goldilocks weight,” as some fitness experts call it. Also, please don’t be ashamed to spend some extra time at the weight rack—trust us, it’s completely normal and worth it in the long run! Check out this video for more help:

What are you currently lifting at? Let us know in the comments down below!

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