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Self Love Season: 5 Tips To Improve Your Self-Image

Source: — Salomon Bayuma

No love can ever compare to self-love! Your relationship with yourself is the most significant one in your life, so handling it with care is important. But let’s face it. Navigating self-image and self-esteem can be challenging, especially in a day and age where the media is more influential than ever. So if you’ve been feeling down, allow us to pick you back up with these five simple tips to improve your self-image.

1. Positive Affirmations

If you hear something often enough, you’ll eventually begin to believe it! That’s why self-talk and positive affirmations are so important. Reminding yourself on the regular of how strong, powerful, capable, and worthy you are will help you hold your head higher and embody everything that you believe yourself to be. Try starting every morning with a few positive affirmations, and do the same before you go to bed. Trust us, the best compliments are those that come from yourself!

2. Tune Out The Media

If you’re not careful, both mainstream media and social media can prove detrimental to your self-image. Media platforms constantly bombard us with new expectations on how to look, dress, and behave every single day, and we all know how tiresome and frustrating that becomes. So, turn off the TV and stop scrolling. Remember that the only voice that matters is your own—not that of any media platform!

3. Strive Toward Your Best

Your “best” self is your healthiest and happiest self! Taking the initiative of making the changes that YOU wish to see will help you feel more comfortable and confident in your appearance. So whether you’re considering a new workout routine or cleaning up your diet, simply putting forth the effort is key!

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4. Keep Good Company

Some say that we become the people we are closest to, so keeping good company is pivotal! Make sure that the people you surround yourself with make you feel better about yourself—not worse. Having friends who are understanding, supportive, and uplifting toward you can make a difference in your self-esteem.

5. Start Within

There is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful spirit! Cultivating a healthy, positive internal will also help you feel more comfortable in your external. Spend some time alone to get to know yourself. Practices such as journalingmeditation, and some form of exercise are great for clearing your mind and helping you ground yourself. Inner peace will offer you a glow like no other! 

What are some positive affirmations you like to tell yourself? Share them in the comments below!

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