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Say GOODBYE to Armpit Odor and HELLO to these 4 Natural Deodorant Alternatives!

Ladies, we all know the embarrassment that underarm odor can bring. But we also know the frustration of those pesky white spots that traditional deodorants often leave, not to mention the irritating effects that some of their active ingredients, such as aluminum, can have on one’s skin. Modern research has completely altered the hygiene industry, with recent studies exposing the dark side of our go-to skin and body care products.

So what if we told you that we have a healthy solution for your armpit woes? Keep reading for four natural deodorant alternatives that can change your life!

1. Citric Acid

Citric acid is the odorless and colorless compound in citrus fruits, such as lemons and limes. Healthline suggests that citric acid neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, making it a perfect alternative to your usual stick deodorant.

For usage, slice a lemon or lime in half and squeeze out one teaspoon of its juice. Then, dip a cotton round into the liquid and apply it to your armpits. Let the juice dry completely before leaving the house, and you’ll have odor protection for the entire day! Make sure not to use this trick immediately after shaving, as citric acid can sting or irritate broken skin (ouch).

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is another antibacterial agent. In early medicine, the aqueous solution of acetic acid was a go-t0 for treating wounds because of its bacteria-reducing effects.

These same bacteria-reducing effects are the reason why ACV makes an AMAZING natural deodorant alternative. Dilute a tablespoon of ACV with another tablespoon of water. Apply the mixture to your armpits with a cotton round. Voila!

3. Witch Hazel

As an astringent, witch hazel removes excess moisture from the skin while also killing bacteria. Witch hazel fights off underarm odor while tackling heavy sweat as well. Win-win!

Saturate a cotton pad with witch hazel and wipe the liquid across your underarm. Keep a small bottle of it in your bag so you can reapply it on those hot summer days or during an intense workout!

4. Native Deodorant

If you want all of the benefits of natural deodorant but the convenience and practicality of traditional stick deodorant, then Native Deodorant ($12.97) is your best choice!

Over the past few years, you may have heard some chit-chat about the dangers of traditional aluminum deodorant, along with suggestions that natural alternatives are a superior, healthier choice. In 2019, Penn Medicine published a study titled “Is Deodorant Harmful for Your Health?” in which the publication explored the facts and myths about traditional deodorant’s effects on the body. The study found that aluminum, the key active ingredient in most retail deodorants and antiperspirants, can cause allergic reactions, bone diseases, or dementia to those already immunocompromised. 

Native boasts a vegan line of deodorant free of harmful agents such as aluminum, paraben, and sulfates. The brand also prides itself in its sustainability efforts and pledges to maintain a company that places environmental impact first, even offering plastic-free deodorant sticks. With options as low as $9 in retail stores, Native Deodorant is a natural alternative that your wallet, your pits, AND the Earth will love!

#SweatSisters, how do you tackle armpit odor? Which of these options are you willing to try? Chime in below!

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