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PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Teams Up With Morning Mindset With Tai for a lifechanging LA Hike

What happens when women come together to see themselves and see those around them more deeply? Two answers: self-care and sisterhood. 

On Saturday, November 6th, wellness, thought leader, and entrepreneur Tai Beauchamp and PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT founder Aeshia DeVore Branch teamed up for a Morning Mindset with Tai that transformed the minds, bodies, and spirits of 35 women.  

Guests included actress Patrice Covington, model Porsche Thomas, People magazine’s Editor-at-Large Janine Rubenstein, BrainTrust founder Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, and British visual artist Shantell Martin, entrepreneur Crystal Henderson to name a few. 

The transformational experience started with climbing up a challenging but breathtaking mountain at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CA.

Once reaching the top, “The Talent Whisperer,” KJ Rose led an impromptu chant that reminded everyone always to wear their invisible crown.

A gratitude circle followed, filling the fresh air with cheers, tears, hugs, and joy for each other.

After an easy descent on the hour-long hike, attendees meditated during a 20 minute sound bath led by Victory Jones.

During this “season” of gratitude, it was beautiful to witness everyone showing up with open hearts, minds, and spirits because everyone benefited, individually and collectively. 

“Spirits were elevated. New mindsets developed. Hearts connected. And sisters made.”

– Tai Beachamp
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