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My Sweat Story: Personal Trainer Alexandra Iseghohi Discusses Her 66-Pound Weight Loss Journey

Back in July, we came across a video of Alexandra Iseghohi that showcased her incredible body transformation. After reposting it to our Instagram page, we knew that we had to learn more about Iseghohi’s wellness journey. The Texas-based yogi and certified personal trainer talked to PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT exclusively about how she was able to lose 66 pounds to date and adopt healthier lifestyle habits. From her weekday workout routines to her advice on staying fit, the fitness influencer shared it all with us. Keep scrolling to read everything she had to say.

Bodied by Alexa transformation

How did your family play a role in your eating habits and physical activity growing up? Did you play any sports growing up?

My family is very into home-cooked meals. I was quite active growing up and I used to run. However, I lived a fast food life for a while in college–hence my weight gain. 

At what age did you commit yourself to healthy living? What prompted you to embark on your weight loss journey?

I was 20-years-old. In February 2018, I had visited a friend and got on a scale which I hadn’t been on in months and the number it showed me (202.8lbs) made me so sad, depressed, and angry for letting myself go. I knew immediately I had to make my health a priority in order to feel and look great.

How much weight have you lost to date?

I have lost a total of 66 pounds and I had lost 50 pounds within seven months of starting. My initial goal was to only lose 20 pounds, which seemed like a dream because I doubted I would ever be successful with my weight loss after trying for years and failing.

On a typical day, what is your menu like? Share your favorite healthy meals and snacks.

A typical day of eating looks like:

Breakfast: I usually enjoy fruits to kick start my day. I typically have a bowl of sliced fruits.

Lunch: A quarter cup of rice, a protein like grilled salmon, and a steamed vegetable.

Snack: I barely snack, but when I do, my go to is a Greek yogurt and a handful of almonds or baby carrots with ranch.

Dinner: For dinner, I typically have chicken or tuna salad or chicken soup. I don’t like to eat heavy before bed.

Dessert: 1 red apple and 1tsp of peanut butter. I slice my red apple on a plate and use peanut butter as a dip. The sweetness of the apple kills my sugar cravings.

Can you describe your typical workout routine?

I started working out the same day I got on a scale. I was very pumped. I made a goal to walk at least 10k steps a day. I also started working out at my apartment’s gym and did only the elliptical and treadmill Monday through Friday for one hour for about six months. I never missed a day. I’m currently more into strength training, core training and flexibility training. I also have found Yoga, and I love finding my new strengths in nailing those poses. I still workout five times a week.

How did you stay mentally focused during your health transformation?

I knew I desired a change and the change wouldn’t come from quitting. I had been on that spiral for years in an attempt to lose weight and failing. I would never get past 5-10 pounds without quitting. I was determined to see it through this time.

Throughout the process of adopting better nutrition and fitness habits, what have you learned about yourself?

Losing weight for me wasn’t just about the physical. It changed my mindset with food drastically. It made me realize I should eat to fuel my body and to live and not eat out of boredom or just because I feel I should be munching on something. I regained my confidence as well. My skin is also the best it’s ever been. All of the hyperpigmentation from being overweight literally disappeared. I feel so energized. I am so happy I started and stuck to it.

What are your current fitness and wellness goals?

I just want to be better at all I do: physical performance, sleep, discipline, etc.

What are your favorite fitness Instagram accounts to follow?

I love following @chaneldelisser@qui2health@mrs.sweendogg, and @fitgurlmel.

What advice would you give to young girls and women who are struggling with staying healthy?

My three weight loss tips are: determination, discipline, and consistency. These were my top habit changes and tips to my success.

Determination: A failed mindset is often a failed plan. You have to tell yourself you can do this and hold yourself accountable.

Discipline: This is my biggest struggle as I am still working on it daily. It’s different when you’re obeying your own rules than a rule set by someone of power. You have to make those constant decisions to choose better daily.

Consistency: This is one of the biggest reasons I struggled. Just keep going. As cliche as it sounds, that’s all it takes. Those little changes daily make the big transformation in the long run.

What does PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?

It means a community! A sisterhood, a safe space.

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