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My Sweat Story: Atlanta-Based Fitness Trainer DeDe Thompson Discusses Her Health and Wellness Journey

Every Tuesday, we like to highlight women on our Instagram with incredible fitness transformations. Now, we’re taking a deeper dive into their wellness journeys via our new article series My Sweat Story. From their workout routines to their nutrition habits, learn all about the changes these women have made to live healthier lifestyles.  

When we reposted DeDe Thompson’s transformation photos on our Instagram in August, our sweat sisters could not stop talking about the certified fitness trainer. Having received nearly 2K likes on her post, it was clear that we had to connect with Thompson so she could fill us in on the details of her health journey.  

The Atlanta-based fitness professional enjoyed an active lifestyle growing up, but when she hit a tragic point in her life she began to gain weight and reached 230 pounds. Realizing she needed to make a change, Thompson turned to exercise. After committing herself to healthier habits, Thompson became living proof of how hard work, consistency, and a lot of sweat can change your life. Ahead, Thompson details her current fitness habits, why apple cider vinegar is a staple in her wellness routine and her advice for those wanting to live healthier lifestyles. Keep scrolling to get to know the inspiring trainer a bit better.  

1. You played sports throughout high school and college. What sports did you play? And what did you enjoy most about playing sports?  

I did play sports in high school and college. Basketball was always my sport since I was six years old. In high school, I was on varsity by my sophomore year. And I played college ball at Southwestern Wesleyan University and transferred to Lander University. What I enjoyed the most was the aggression and the game itself. It helped me channel my frustration, and I always had either my coach or teammates depending on me because I was the team captain. So, I had no choice but to lock in each game and practice.  

2. You opened up about how dealing with depression and anxiety caused you to gain a lot of weight, reaching 230 pounds. At what point did you realize that it was time to make a change?  

Yes, I was in a toxic relationship. Being in that relationship, I lost sight of my worth as a woman and how to love myself. I had to move to Atlanta to get away and try to have a fresh start. I realized that I had to change when I stepped on the scale and saw I was 230 pounds. I saw hurt, sadness, and brokenness. Even my friends mentioned that I had gained weight, and that also put me in my feelings. 230 pounds was the MOST I ever weighed because I was always athletic. I lost sight of myself and let the pain take control over my life, and I used food to comfort me.  

3. Throughout the process of adopting better nutrition and fitness habits, what have you learned about yourself?  

Being on my journey, I have learned ALOT about myself. I learned that anything I put my mind to, I could accomplish. When your mind leads, your body follows. I also learned to love myself. You have to love yourself and embrace who you are to grow and move forward in life. God also showed me my purpose on this journey: to show women who have been through depression how to overcome it and never let it run your life. Eating right also helped me feel better about myself. I was not dragging throughout the day, and I had way more energy.  

4. You credit Apple Cider Vinegar as one of the things that helped you lose weight. Can you talk about some of the benefits of taking it?  

Taking ACV helps with a lot of things. Not only with weight loss, but it also helps boost your metabolism, hair growth, boosts your immune system, helps with digestion, gives energy, reduces your appetite, lowers cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, and so many other health benefits.  

5. In addition to the apple cider vinegar, how did you change your diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals? What are some of your current favorite go-to meals?  

While I was taking the ACV, I cut out a lot of things in my diet. I cut out red meat, pork, bread, sugar, and any processed foods. My favorite meals are chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. I love chicken and turkey. Smoothies are my favorite meal replacements.  

6. You’re a certified trainer, which requires in-person contact. How have you had to pivot the way you coach clients during the pandemic?  

During this pandemic, I have been training at my complex. Many gyms still have a lot of people and do not clean off equipment before or after using them. I buy my personal cleaning supplies and make sure I wipe any equipment I use. I tell my clients if they would like to wear a mask, they have that option. I will soon be moving my training sessions to The Loft Athletic location, and I will continue to bring my cleaning supplies and whip equipment that I use.  

7. What has your personal workout routine consisted of lately?  

My workout routine consists of cardio every morning. Then, in the afternoon, I train with my trainer. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I do a trampoline class, which consists of more cardio. I try to do at least 80 minutes of cardio a day; then, I do strength training for an hour.  

8. What are your current fitness and wellness goals?  

My current goal with fitness is to tone up mainly. Losing 85 pounds led to loose skin, so my main focus is toning and continuing to eat correctly. Taking my ACV shots helps me maintain my weight.  

9. What advice do you have for other people who are looking to lose weight and live healthier lifestyles?  

My best advice for people who are trying to lose weight is to STAY CONSISTENT. It may be cliche, but it’s true. Stay consistent and stay focused. Never forget the reason why you started because everyone has to start somewhere. You will never see your goal if you stop.  

10. What does PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?  

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT inspires me. It means that you can be pretty and work hard for what you want. It represents women empowerment and how fitness can move and change lives as well. Fitness can help the community and bring all different types of women together and share their stores. It shows that fitness doesn’t have a color; it just has sweat! I appreciate PRETTY GIRL SWEAT.

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  1. Loved her story and it gave me much encouragement to continue to push myself to be healthier. In my past I have tried ACV but wasn’t consistent and like she mentioned, consistency is the key to reaching any Goal you’ll set out for. That is what I am working towards. Thanks so much for this wonderful story. Many blessings for her success.

    1. We’re so happy to hear that this story encouraged you. That’s what this site is for. 🙂 Thanks for reading and we’re rooting for you to reach your goals.