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My Sweat Story: Fitness Influencer Zorian Bailey Shares How She Lost 120 Pounds

Every Tuesday, we like to highlight women on our Instagram with incredible fitness transformations. Now, we’re taking a deeper dive into their wellness journeys via our new article series My Sweat Story. From their workout routines to their nutrition habits, learn all about the changes these women have made to live healthier lifestyles.

For the past year, 26-year-old Zorian Bailey has been on a transformative fitness journey. The Atlanta-based influencer’s commitment to health and wellness runs deep as she spends her days assisting the mega-popular celebrity trainer @iamthekingofitness while also squeezing in three workouts a day. On her Instagram page, Bailey regularly posts about her weight loss experience–sharing motivating before and after photos with her followers.  

After seeing Bailey’s pictures pop up on the ‘gram, we knew we had to connect with her to learn more about how she’s lost 120 pounds and counting. Ahead, Bailey details everything you need to know about her weight loss journey–ranging from her gym routines to how she’s stayed mentally focused throughout her health transformation. Keep scrolling to get to know the inspiring fitness professional a bit better.  

How did your family play a role in your eating habits and physical activity growing up? Did you play any sports growing up?  

My weakness is sweets because my great auntie loves baking, so we would always eat a dessert or my favorite brownies and ice cream growing up. I was active in high school. I was on the color guard in the band. But, I still ate poorly during band camp or even before games.  

At what age did you commit yourself to healthy living? What prompted you to embark on your weight loss journey?  

I was 25 when I committed to health and started my journey on April 15, 2019. I decided to start on my journey because I started to feel uncomfortable with myself, and I didn’t love who and what I saw in the mirror, and that’s when I decided to buckle down and make a change.  

If you feel comfortable sharing, how much weight have you lost along your journey?

I started at 302 pounds, and now I’m at 182 pounds. So overall, I have lost 120 pounds so far on my journey and counting. I still have some ways to go because I haven’t made it to my ultimate goal.  

On a typical day, what is your menu like? Share your favorite healthy meals and snacks.  

My go-to meals are salmon and a green vegetable as a side dish. Egg rolls in a bowl are delicious, and my favorite go-to snack is ten calorie jello (any flavor) or a good smoothie.  

Can you describe your typical workout routine?  

I currently workout three times a day, doing two strength training classes and a spin class or stair master for 45 minutes as cardio each day.  

How did you stay mentally focused during your health transformation?  

It was a process, but I honestly had to push myself because I knew that I couldn’t continue on the route I was going for personal and health reasons. I was slowly killing myself and not loving my body like I should. I constantly took pictures of myself every day to see the changes. I created side by sides pictures to see the progress. I had a trainer that continues to push me to keep me going as well. Once you believe that you can do it, nothing else can stop you.  

Throughout the process of adopting better nutrition and fitness habits, what have you learned about yourself?  

I’ve learned that once I commit to something, there is no turning back or quitting. I also learned to love myself more and that it’s okay to put myself first.  

What are your current fitness and wellness goals?  

My current fitness goal is to learn more about my body as it changes, figure out what foods truly work for my body as I continue to lose weight, and build muscles. I want to lose at least 40 more pounds to reach my overall weight goal before the year is over.  

What are your favorite fitness Instagram accounts to follow?  

My favorite Instagram accounts that I follow that keep me motivated and inspired during my fitness journey are, and I can’t forget @prettygirlssweat.  

Fitness Influencer Zorian Bailey Before and after mirror selfie

What advice would you give to young girls and women who are struggling with staying healthy?  

I would say to start at your own pace by working out at least two to three times a week to get your body adjusted to working out and gradually work your way up and adding in more workout days but don’t give up. Staying consistent is KEY!  

What does PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?  

PRETTY GIRL SWEAT is a safe place for women of all ages and sizes to have an outlet or space to motivate and encourage each other on a healthier lifestyle by just pouring into each other and keeping each other accountable in our journey.  

Anything else you’d like us to know?

I currently have a podcast called Fearlessly Unwritten for young adult women going through different things in our lives that we don’t usually discuss. I am fearlessly doing this podcast to let other women know they are not alone.

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