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My Sweat Story: Fitness Influencer Latoria Wright Discusses Her 105-Pound Weight Loss Journey

Every Tuesday, we like to highlight women on our Instagram with incredible fitness transformations. Now, we’re taking a deeper dive into their wellness journeys via our new article series My Sweat Story. From their workout routines to their nutrition habits, learn all about the changes these women have made to live healthier lifestyles.

When it comes to fitness, Latoria Wright (aka GetFitTory) does it all. The Miami-based wife and mother of two is a group fitness instructor, certified spinning instructor, and a certified running coach. Impressive, right? Wright first popped up on our radar when we reposted her transformation photo in December 2019, and we’ve been keeping up with her ever since. Throughout her transformation journey, the 36-year-old has lost 105 pounds naturally and maintains her weight loss for over six years.Considering her incredible fitness accomplishments, we knew Wright could provide us with a few tips and tricks on leading a healthier, more active lifestyle. Ahead, the inspiring fitness influencer, shares everything from her go-to meal plan to her current wellness goals.

How did your family play a role in your eating habits and physical activity growing up? Did you play any sports growing up?

My family’s eating habits were definitely grounded in “soul food.” Physical activity growing up for me was playing outside with other kids in the neighborhood. However, in school I did play soccer and basketball.

At what age did you commit yourself to healthy living? What prompted you to embark on your weight loss journey?

I started my healthy lifestyle change journey at the age of 25. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and prescribed two medications. That’s when I knew I had to make some changes.

On a typical day, what is your menu like? Share your favorite healthy meals and snacks.

For breakfast, I eat whole grain toast with turkey bacon or a protein shake. For lunch, I like to eat Korean beef with brown rice and snap peas. Dinner typically consists of grilled chicken with sweet potatoes and grilled veggies. My favorite snacks are rice cakes with peanut butter and sliced bananas.

Can you describe your typical workout routine?

I train five to six days a week. I focus on cardio and weight training on certain days. I also take a few dance classes occasionally.

How did you stay mentally focused during your health transformation?

I always believed in writing out my goals and my “why” along with motivational quotes to keep me motivated daily. So I created a vision board to keep me focused.

Throughout the process of adopting better nutrition and fitness habits, what have you learned about yourself?

I learned early on that I was an emotional eater and that I’d eat my feelings. I’ve learned that this journey will have many struggles and that I must not give up. I am so much stronger than I think.

What are your current fitness and wellness goals?

Currently, I’m looking forward to teaching a variety of classes and inspiring others that I meet daily. Also, running one 5K each month of 2020 was a goal I created in January. Despite Covid, me and a group of runners have been running virtually in our own neighborhoods.

What are your favorite fitness Instagram accounts to follow?

I love following @Qui2Health@Trainingformylife@Icanfitness365@Fitmencook, and @Blackwomenlosingweight.

What advice would you give to young girls and women who are struggling with staying healthy?

Find your “why.” Never give up. Create a plan and schedule that aligns with your lifestyle. Find workouts that are fun and that you enjoy doing. Most importantly, do what works for you.

What does PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?

No matter your size or your age, we can all inspire, encourage, and motivate each other not only in health and fitness, but for life in general. It means to empower one another!

Anything else you’d like us to know about you? Share a fun fact!

In 2017, I ran my first full marathon – 26.2 miles!

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