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Koya Webb Hosts Financially Fit Yoga Party

When you stretch, you not only stretch your body but also your mind. When you stretch your mind, you stretch your life.

On April 10th, female students gathered at Georgia State University to de-stress during a fun yoga party instructed by Get Loved Up founder/yoga instructor Koya Webb. A “Financially Fit” workshop, led by CPA Erin Hajj, highlighted the importance of money management, helped students develop a savings habit early in life, and raised public awareness about the importance of financial literacy. Lit candles, sweet scents, and the soothing sounds of Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” filled the air as guests arrived.

Sticking to PGS tradition, the first lucky lady to arrive scored a prize pack full of goodies!

Students were super excited to see their favorite Instagram yogi up close and personal. “I can’t believe I’m about to do yoga with Koya,” said Clark Atlanta University PGS captain Tylisha James. “I’m doing her #Yoga4Growth Challenge right now!”

After saying hello to guests, Koya headed to our Wall of Wisdom to leave a motivational message. 

August and Adison, PGS founder Aeshia’s daughters, were all smiles before the fun began.

Georgia State University PGS Captain Maiya Newton kicked off the Sweat Show with a warm welcome message.

Guests divided into groups to get to know one another better and come up with team names!

Say hello to team Crazy In Love!!!

A series of icebreaker games encouraged team bonding and friendly competition. Endless laughter traveled down the halls while guests completed each fun activity.

Winners scored prizes and a boost of confidence.

As attendees held hands in the sisterhood circle, they took a moment to introduce themselves to the larger group, share something that they were grateful for, and recite the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT pledge

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