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Health Coach Kaedi Bowers Shares How Exercise Fuels Her Passion to Help Change Lives

Fitness enthusiast Kaedi Bowers is a prominent fixture at many — if not all — PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT events in ATL. As the captain of Clark Atlanta University’s very own PGS chapter, Bowers leads by example workout after workout alongside several others dedicated to sweat. She’s even set her career goals after college on becoming a full-time personal trainer and nutrition coach, proving that staying healthy (and inspiring others to do the same) is an integral part of her everyday life. 

Last year, we caught up with the HBCU scholar to talk exclusively about personal training. However, we recently chatted again and peeled back the layers on how she’s further evolved into a well-rounded wellness advocate. Below, read on for insight into Bowers’ unique journey — from her start with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT to the exercise classes and athleisure gear she loves to why getting active is important. 

1. Why did you want to get involved with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT on your campus?

I joined PGS during my sophomore year. Like many students, I was searching for something exciting and unique to be involved in. During this time, I had also decided to stop playing basketball. PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT was exactly what I needed to make a fresh start.

2. How has becoming a part of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT helped reshape your outlook on fitness and wellness?

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT ignited my passion for fitness. Becoming a part of PGS has shown me that health and wellness is a lifestyle, and it’s most enjoyable when you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals who also want to become the greatest versions of themselves.

3. What has been your favorite PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT event since becoming captain? Why?

All of our events have been equally memorable, but the first “Sweat Show” I hosted (“The AUC Sweat Blast”) is my top choice. It took a lot of creativity, collaboration, and promotion to be a huge success. A large number of students took interest in it — more than I anticipated, which was great! The vitality in the room was contagious and brimming with wonderful young ladies. 

4. Group fitness is a big part of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT. Which group fitness classes do you love to participate in?

I love boot camps; they’re both super fun and beneficial. The music usually makes me feel like I’m at a party, and combining the rhythm of exercise movements gives me a challenge I just can’t resist.

5. During a typical week, what does your workout routine consist of?

Normally, my workout out includes lots of cardio, strength training, and flexibility training.

6. You’re also a personal trainer. What made you want to venture into this territory and become a fitness professional?

When I was younger, my dad had diabetes and was a dialysis patient. My mother struggled with high blood pressure and weight issues. To avoid those health problems, I played sports throughout my entire childhood, but I stopped in college. However, I never stopped being active nor did I stop being competitive. I had the desire to live healthier than my parents, so I began researching the fitness industry — learning the body — and ultimately changed the unhealthy habits in my life. Then, I started training my friends around campus. Once word got around, other students reached out and wanted me to train them as well. Shortly after the buzz grew, I got certified and realized how much I love helping people achieve their fitness goals.

7. Sometimes Sweat Sisters need a little extra help to achieve their fitness goals. Can you share some of the benefits of working with a personal trainer?

Working with a personal trainer will help you stay accountable, overcome plateaus, establish a lifetime exercise habit, and show you proper fat-loss/muscle-gain exercises. Plus, sometimes it’s just easier to work on your goals with someone else who motivates you when you’re feeling alone.

8. As a college student, what do you do to eat healthily? Share a few of your go-to affordable and nutritious meals!

Contrary to popular belief, meal prepping is affordable. My go-to meal is often sweet potatoes, jerk chicken, and cabbage. When I’m on the run, I love grabbing a bite at “healthier” places like Chipotle and Moe’s as well as Subway, Triopical Smoothie, and Herbalife Shakes.

9. As someone who is always spotted in trendy workout wear, what are some of your favorite shops for athleisure wear? What pieces of athleisure wear should every girl have?

Fabletics, Gymshark, Athletica, Nike, Adidas, Old Navy, and Forever 21 are my go-to shops for activewear. Every girl must have a cute pair of leggings, a sports bra to match, and a nice workout bag. And she can’t forget a pair of stylish sunglasses to complete the look!

10. Is there one piece of advice you would give to other Sweat Sisters who want to become more fit and active?

Stop complaining about how tough it is, and let how tough it is, build you up, shape you, stretch you, and challenge you to grow! Don’t fear the process!

11. What does PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?

PGS is a collective of girls who are dedicated to being or becoming game-changers. We are committed to fitness, living healthier, and sweating with a purpose. We value our lives and have a purpose to help others around us to become better.

Are you passionate about promoting health and wellness on your campus? Do you want to inspire others to embrace fitness and make it a fun part of their lives? Join the movement and become a Campus Health Leader by starting or joining a chapter at your university. This is your chance to positively impact campus and create a community of like-minded individuals who are all about making fitness an enjoyable experience! Apply here to start a team, and here to join a team.

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