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Come To Class With This Former PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Captain!

Learn how Bryelle Partridge balanced coursework, fitness, and leadership while attending GSU!

Get ready to be inspired by Bryelle Partridge, the former captain of #PGSGSU! This talented individual from Savannah, GA, is taking a new path as she transitions from campus life to the classroom. Recently, Bryelle proudly graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Middle-Level Education, specializing in Science and Social Studies. While balancing her academic pursuits, she also took charge as the captain of GSU’s PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT chapter.

Curious to know more about Bryelle’s remarkable journey, her exciting plans for the future, or how you can start or join a chapter at your college/university? Keep reading below!

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1. When and how did you begin your fitness journey?

I began my fitness journey very young when my mom signed me up for cheerleading at 5 years old. She wanted me to be active and felt like involving me in cheer was a great way for me to be active. I cheered from Kindergarten to my senior year of high school. While in high school, I also ran track for a little while.

2. How did you get started with PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT?

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT was introduced to me through a friend who was already involved. We grew up together, and she felt this would be a good way for me to be involved at Georgia State.

3. What was your previous role with PGS before becoming a captain, and what was the biggest difference between these roles?

Before becoming a captain, I was a Workout Coordinator for a year, and the following year I was the Financial Secretary. The biggest difference between these two roles was the number of responsibilities that were given in comparison to being a captain. As a captain, you are the face of the chapter and a representative of PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, so you carry the weight of the chapter. 

4. How did you balance PGS with your course load? And if it was difficult, what advice can you give to a future PGS campus captain?

My planner was truly my best friend throughout college. I took it everywhere with me so that I could stay up to date with everything I needed to do. It was fun being a part of PGS, so I definitely looked forward to the sweat shows. At times balancing school and extracurricular activities was difficult but when I noticed it was hard I took time to balance myself and get back on track. A piece of advice I would give to a future campus captain is to lean on your time and know that you are always supported by Aeshia no matter what!

5. What’s the greatest lesson that you learned while working with PGS?

The greatest lesson that I learned while working with PGS is that consistency takes you far, no matter what journey you are on.

6. What do the words PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT means a lot of things to me, but if I could sum it all up in one phrase, I would say “making fitness fun”. That phrase has carried me far while being a part of this organization and helped me remain focused on my “why” throughout my journey as a PGS Ambassador.

7. What’s next for you, and how can readers keep up with your journey?

I graduated this past school year from Georgia State University. Career-wise, I will be teaching Science in Atlanta Public Schools. In my fitness journey, I plan on joining the PGS Atlanta City Chapter and serving as the Membership Coordinator to share with people why PGS should be part of their health and wellness journey! You can follow me on Instagram @bryellemonea!

Are you passionate about promoting health and wellness on your campus? Do you want to inspire others to embrace fitness and make it a fun part of their lives? Join the movement and become a Campus Health Leader by starting or joining a chapter at your university. This is your chance to positively impact campus and create a community of like-minded individuals who are all about making fitness an enjoyable experience! Apply here to start a team, and here to join a team.

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