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Arielle Brown Didn’t Give Up On Herself After a Torn ACL

source: @alexusbphotography

“Don’t ever give up on yourself. You’re stronger than you think you are.”

While scrolling through PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT’s tagged content on Instagram, 24-year-old Arielle Brown was not hard to miss. The Miami, FL native had the most magnetic smile and electrifying red braids while sitting on green gym turf with a full leg brace.

Instagram: @legendariefit

I quickly hit the follow button because the student entrepreneur’s optimism was inspiring, and I was interested in learning more about the self-proclaimed “gym rat.”

After a severe injury, she used her social media platform to document her recovery journey. She inspired people like me to believe that if she can not give up on herself, I can believe in myself in and out of the gym too. Then, fast-forward to July 2022, one of her recovery photos gets chosen to be a finalist in our monthly photo contest on IG, and after a few days of voting, she won a PGS Bundle Box and an exclusive interview. Full circle moment!

I encourage you to keep reading and scroll through the images. Enjoy!

Favorite quote: “Be yourself, because everyone else is taken”

– My mommy
source: @alexusbphotography

Tell us how your winning photo came about.

I went to the gym with my best friend, and we were shooting content for both of our brands. My photographer, @alexusbphotography, had a vision, so we executed it! I wanted to show the growth my body’s been through over the past year since surgery. So we took the winning picture in the same gym that provided me the space to improve.

Please briefly share your fitness journey with us.

I ran track for 15 years from age four until my senior year in high school due to tendinitis in my knees from triple jumping. I also played soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, ballet, swimming, and volleyball.

Tendinitis wasn’t easy to deal with, but I was going to PT (physical therapy) and still working out, so it was an injury but didn’t feel much like one. I tore my ACL, MCL & Meniscus on April 6, 2021, and had surgery on June 11, 2021. It was the first and only major injury I’ve had. After recovering, I was able to start training my lower body again about three months post-op! I did PT before surgery, and that helped with recovery tremendously! It was and still has been an interesting journey, to say the least, but it’s taught me so much about myself and my fitness journey in the process!

I’m looking forward to the rest of my adventure!

We believe fitness + friendship = FUN! What is your favorite group fitness workout?

I love group lifting! Circuits and working between sets with about 2-3 more people are always my favorite. It allows for rest time and a fun workout environment for me. The motivation to do your best from watching everyone you’re working with while also getting that encouragement is unmatched

While working out is essential, so is eating the right foods. What is your go-to pre-workout meal? How do you refuel after a workout?

My go-to pre-workout meal is always a little snack, usually some fruit with yogurt or veggies with ranch, with those Bang shots. Post workout is mainly rice & chicken, or something protein-filled, basic chipotle, or a place in Greensboro called Salsarita’s, which is also Mexican food!

What is one item that is always in your gym bag?

My KT tape & Tripod (also three pairs of gym shoes)

What are your top 3 fitness Instagram accounts to follow?

  1. @goldengirlgains
  2. @fittuation
  3. @dr.farrow

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a singer and also a painter!

What are the top three goals you hope to accomplish in life?

I want to own several gyms that are safe environments for everyone but especially women. Second, I want to be a lifetime student to make sure I’m doing whatever I can to help people reach their fitness goals and share whatever knowledge I have that may be helpful. I’d also like to do whatever is necessary to live a peaceful life on my terms!

What does PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?

What it means to me is that pretty girls can do anything we set our minds to! Women are the strongest people in the world, and the world tells us to be and stay that way but not too much. PGS tells me as a woman that I am beautiful in all stages, especially my healthiest and sweatiest.

I started following PGS a while ago because I LOVED the displayed community of women. Every post is always uplifting for me, whether it is something funny, motivational, or just random tips. I’ve learned a lot from the posts and gained friends and community from just following. I love PGS for real, lol.

Since PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, what is your favorite deodorant?

I use Dove spray in Rose Petal scent ($22.47 for a Pack of 3, Amazon). For Degree, I love the Sheer Powder scent ($3.18, Amazon)!

How can readers stay in touch with you on social media?

I’m on Instagram at @LegendArieFit & on TikTok at @LegendAriee16

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