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PGS Reporters Talk Diets, Beauty Secrets, and Fitness!

When the PGS Dream Team links up, magic happens!

For episode 21 of The PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT Show, PGS Reporters Olivia Hancock, Paytra Gessler, and Shelby Wingate join Aeshia for a roundtable discussion on fad diets, Issa Rae’s “Women’s Health Magazine” cover, self-care secrets, and so much more. Tack on health advice for two listeners and rapid-fire health and beauty questions, and you’ve got a jam-packed conversation with tons of valuable info.

Tune in to the full conversation below!

Ahead, a highlight from the candid girl talk with our sweat sisters.

Paytra on finding a good gym and trainer:

“I would honestly start out with Yelp reviews of the gym. Some gyms are just trying to sell you something. Look at reviews to see how they approach situations. Some gyms offer free sessions. Like, one free personal training session. That’s a big red light because that means they are going to try to sell you something after so that just means you should be prepared for what you want. As far as research, honestly recommendations. Find somebody who has the same goals as you or a good friend that you trust and ask them to refer you to somebody good. Because someone could be a trainer and not necessarily know how to train.”

Paytra Gessler

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Shelby Wingatate: @shelby_wins14

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