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How a Health Scare Pushed Brittney Vincent to Drop 45 Pounds

It wasn’t until being diagnosed… that I realized I had to get it together. 

Brittney Vincent got a reality check after having her son.

The Early Childhood Educator, 32, went from being active throughout childhood to moving less when motherhood and a demanding work schedule began consuming her time. A preventable diagnosis from her doctor made her realize that enough was enough.

Keep reading to learn how the Hyattsville, MD native, who won our July 2021 Instagram photo contest, prioritizes her self-care.

“A winner is dreamer who never gives up.” 


Tell us how your winning photo came about? 

I wanted to do a photoshoot to celebrate my 32nd Birthday but I also wanted to celebrate how far I’ve come in my fitness journey. The last time I had a professional photo taken, it was for my 30th Birthday. I loved how my photos came out but I DID NOT like how I looked. I’ve made such a huge transformation since then and I wanted to celebrate it!

Please briefly share your fitness journey with us.

I was very active as a child growing up in PG County, MD but like most of us, life happens.  I had my son Aden (he’s 11 now) and my life just became all about him. I didn’t really pay much attention to my own health and was just living life as a working mom.

It wasn’t until being diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension that was brought on by sleep apnea which was brought on by me carrying extra weight that I realized I had to get it together.  I started working with a trainer (@fitnesstheory) in July 2019 and it’s only been up from there!  

Since then I’ve dropped 45 pounds, grown to absolutely love health and fitness to the point that I’ve become a Certified Personal Trainer and 305 Fitness Certified Instructor, and I’m currently studying to get my certification in Youth Fitness. It’s been a journey but one I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m so proud of the woman I am now and I’m even more excited to see what I’ll do next. This is only the beginning.

We believe fitness + friendship = FUN! What is your favorite group fitness workout?

Currently, my favorite group fitness workout is Cardio Boxing.  There’s a black-owned boxing club right here in Washington, DC called BOOMBOX Boxing Club that I absolutely love!  It’s music-driven boxing that incorporates resistance workouts and strength training.  The coaches are some of the best and the playlists are ALWAYS fire. Most importantly, the class is for all fitness levels and it’s so much fun!

While working out is essential, so is eating the right foods. What is your go-to pre-workout meal? How do you refuel after a workout?

I typically do fasted cardio in the morning so I’m only drinking a glass of water when I wake up, but after my workout, I’m refueling with a protein shake. My absolute favorite is my green smoothie! It’s 8 oz almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 frozen pineapple, a handful of spinach, and two scoops of vanilla protein powder. SO BOMB!!!

If I’m weight training I’m eating a bigger meal 2 hours prior. My go-to meal is salmon, jasmine rice, & sautéed kale. I refuel after with my chocolate banana protein shake (8 oz alkaline water, 1 frozen banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, and 2 scoops of chocolate protein powder).

What is one item that is always in your gym bag?

You will always find knee sleeves and my weightlifting belt in my bag because this girl lifts and she likes to lift HEAVY so it’s important that my knees and back are supported.

What are your top 3 fitness Instagram accounts to follow?

  1. @musclesbymya
  2. @nicci_robinson
  3. @kiaratheleader

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

It always surprises people when they find out I’m a HUGE Earth Wind & Fire fan! I know pretty much every song and will play them all day and every day.  “I’ll Write A Song For You” is my favorite EWF song.

What are the top three goals you hope to accomplish in life?

My top 3 goals right now are to:

  1. Create a children’s fitness program that also includes health and wellness classes and workshops.
  2. Start taking clients for personal training and help people (especially women) reach their health and fitness goals.
  3. Continue leveling up in my own health and fitness. Keep my foot on the gas!

What does PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT mean to you?

To me, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT represents EVERYTHING that I am and everything that I stand for!!! Yeah, I’m a woman, a mother, and a teacher. I like all the girly things like makeup, heels, dressing up, and being fabulous, BUT catch me in the gym! I get it in with some of the best and can keep up with them too! 

Since PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT, what is your favorite deodorant?

I love my Dove Sheer Fresh 48-Hour Invisible Antiperspirant & Deodorant Dry Spray (Target, $6.19)

How can readers stay in touch with you on social media?

Readers can stay in touch with me via Instagram @__mylifeasb__ 

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