a grassroots movement launched in 2011 by Aeshia DeVore Branch to empower teen girls and women to make fitness fun, sweat socially, lead active lives, eat healthy, and participate in organized sports.


a network of positive girls united through fitness. Also known as a #SweatSquad.


a pretty pal that keeps you focused on fitness.

PGS Ambassador

an innovative, health-conscious, ambitious student that promotes the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT movement and mission on their college campus.


a lead PGS ambassador on a college campus.


a fitness party where girls take the PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT pledge.


a half-year term in a school or college, typically lasting fifteen to eighteen weeks, where you workout regularly.


a title awarded to a sweat sister who has done a kickass job at a sweat show.


a photographer that helps change the negative stigma that sweat holds by capturing the beauty in healthy living. #PRETTYGIRLSSWEAT


Sweat now, selfie later. After each workout, you've earned a #SweatySelfie. Snap a photo, post it on social media, and prove that #PRETTYGIRLSSWEAT.

Have a heart

the symbol we throw up in photos to represent the love we have for our sisterhood, community, and healthy living.


fitness inspiration that encourages you to break a sweat asap!


an inspiring celebrity or fitness enthusiast who posts their workouts on social media for the world to see!