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From Heels to Hoops, Ms. Basketball Shares How To Bounce Back Like A Boss

You may have seen her hooping in heels on ESPN, but in addition to being a viral star, Christina “Ms. Basketball” Granville is an athlete, actress, and marketing specialist who proves that every setback is a setup for a comeback. When the Clewiston, FL native was pushed by a college coach to give up her dream of being a basketball player and stick to track and cheerleading, the shift impacted her confidence on the court and in the classroom, which eventually led to her leaving the university.

The universe wouldn’t let her give up.

In 2010, she was spotted playing at a local gym and her talent led to a full basketball scholarship at St. Leo University where she became a captain for her team. After college, she played semi-professionally in the WUBA (Euro Basketball affiliate) and in the B3 League.

Granville says, “you have to believe in yourself. There are always going to be people that say things that you don’t like.”

Being able to “bounce back” sooner or later is a trait that Granville has learned over time and she has a few ideas on how you can be resilient and achieve your goals. Get ready to be inspired and laugh a lot. Take a listen!

Granville is currently traveling all over the US hosting events and is a Product Specialist for KIA Motors. She also stars on the new hit show Ready To Love on the OWN Network, produced by Will Packer. With her love for the game, fitness, and people, Granville’s overall mission is to encourage her huge social media following to stay active, to never give up, and to follow your dreams… no matter your size, race, gender, or age.

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On what PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT means to her:

“PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT embodies a female who is not afraid to sweat. They’re not afraid to get a little dirty, they’re not afraid to be themselves and work out for their health, to get the body they want, to be beautiful, and to know that you can look good and workout. She embodies being beautiful, she loves being beautiful in all aspects of her life. Whether she’s working, running to the grocery store, or working out, she’s always that beautiful woman and she doesn’t mind sweating. She’s smart, she’s a go-getter, she is just a pretty girl who sweats.”  

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