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EYE SEE YOU: 6 Foods That Make Your Eyes Brighter

The eyes are the “windows to the soul” so we pay a lot of attention to how we adorn them. In an era of lash extensions, smokey liner, and “on-fleek” eyebrows, we often neglect how to make the eyes themselves look whiter to enhance those makeup looks. Apps like FaceTune can make your eyes sparkle in a matter of seconds, but if you want bright eyes IRL, here are six foods that should be added to your diet!

1. Spinach
Spinach contains a lot of beneficial vitamins and minerals that keep our eyes healthy. Spinach contains the following: Vitamin C (prevents age degeneration), beta carotene (prevents night blindness).      

2. Mangoes
Contains a great amount of Vitamin E and great sources of Vitamin A, just like other bright-colored fruits.

3. Peanuts
Salty but healthy. In Peanuts there are sources of Vitamin E and Zinc (Improves vision of people with degeneration)

4. Apples
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. In apples, there are a good amount of antioxidants in which includes the following: plant pigments (protects the eye from solar radiation) and Rutin (reduce leakage from blood vessels)

5. Broccoli
According to studies, Broccoli carries a lot of essential minerals to support the eyes including the following: Vitamins A and C, Lutein, selenium, folic acid (helps build healthy cells), and more.

6. Carrots
Of course…. Carrots!! Carrots are the most known food to help with bettering the eyes. Usually, when you go to the eye doctor they tell you to eat carrots and they are absolutely correct. Carrots have Beta-carotene which gives carrots that orange color and also helps the retina and other parts of the eyes to function smoothly. It is also a source of Vitamin A.

Nutrition vlogger FullyRawKristina even transformed her eye color with her healthy diet. Take a look!

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