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Brown Girl Jane’s 2nd Annual Black Beauty and Wellness Summit Gathered Wellness Entrepreneurs in Magical Ways

source: @janethowardstudio

A woman’s journey to wholeness is so necessary. So one of our all-time favorite brands, Brown Girl Jane, created an entire summit to address maternal health, plant-based medicine, and spiritual and physical wellness. In addition to the virtual events, the wellness and CBD brand’s hybrid experience kicked off with a pamper day at the St. Regis Spa in partnership with Cantu Skin Therapy!

25 women were mandated to come, relax, unwind, connect, and disconnect.

Each attendee was treated to spa treatments including facials, massages, and body scrubs, and everyone left with a bag of goodies, gifted by Brown Girl Jane and Cantu Beauty!

video: @irisfilms

After centering and prioritizing the health, beauty, and wellness of Black women, Brown Girl Jane, in partnership with Shea Moisture, hosted a special invite-only brunch a few days later at The Atlanta Garden Room.

Mikki Taylor blessed 40 guests, including Kim Blackwell, Marve Frazier, Ariane Simone, Mattie James, Aeshia DeVore Branch, Necole Kane, Brandi Harvey, and Ms. Basketball, with some empowering words as they honored themselves and each other.

“Don’t put a period where an exclamation mark should go! “The only place for an I is in win,” and “Be relentless in your determination to succeed.”

Mikki Taylor

Over the past two years, Brown Girl Jane has teamed up with Shea Moisture to award over $150,000 in grants each year to black women-owned businesses.

This year and last year’s honorees, including  Ariane Turner of @lookgoodlivewell_ and Alicia Scott of Range Beauty, were in attendance.

“It’s so empowering to see women of color investing in and putting resources behind other women of color.”

Necole Kane

After enjoying a beautiful brunch, Brown Girl Jane founders Malaika Jones, Nia Jones, and Tai Beauchamp stopped at nothing to make a room full of founders feel nurtured and seen.

They also gave everyone a sneak peek into their new functional fragrance line launching in November. Believe us; they smell as good as they look!

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