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A 7-Day Back to Balance Wellness Challenge Anyone Can Do

Balance is a big part of overall fitness, and it hardly ever gets the credit it deserves. Incorporating just a few minutes of balance exercises and meditation in your workout plan can help you kick ass in everyday life — not only in the gym.

Here’s why!

Improving balance is so important as we age because it enhances coordination, stability, mobility, and flexibility, making it easier to perform daily tasks and improve athletic performance. Don’t get it twisted, though. Balance training is not just for athletes. According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch, “balance training helps reduce the risk of falls in older adults with balance problems and women with low bone mass.” Focusing on balance also helps to clear the mind.

Ready to challenge yourself? No excuses. This one is doable.

STEP 1: Meditate for at least two minutes
Taking a few minutes to focus your mind each day can reduce stress, pain, depression, and more. Give the Calm app’s 7-day free trial a try to get started. No more room on your phone (*raises hand*)? Try this two-minute meditation by School of Life:

STEP 2: Practice a single-legged balance test
Complete a daily single-leg balance exercise to correct hip imbalances, strengthen the muscles on the bottom of your feet, improve posture, gain focus, boost confidence, and infuse balance into your day.

Let’s get started! With bare feet, stand tall, raise one leg, and gaze forward. Avoid looking down and hold. Still, standing? If you didn’t topple over, great! If you did, it’s OK — now you know you’ve got some work to do. The GOAL is to work up to one minute on each leg. Watch the video below for a tutorial:

STEP 3: Inspire others

Share this challenge with two friends you think should prioritize time this week for themselves. 

In a nutshell

Set alerts in your calendar, so you don’t forget to complete the challenge each day.

Finding time for yourself can feel selfish, but it’s critically important to your mental and physical health and work. Schedule time for yourself, turn off notifications, set boundaries, build confidence, and let your inner beauty shine through.

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