Letter from the Founder: Hi Sweat Sisters! I'm Aeshia, and some people like to call me the Queen of Teen! I am very flattered by this title because my passion for empowering teen girls and promoting happy and healthy lifestyles is what truly energizes me each and every day. Although I played high school sports, I know first hand how hard it is to stay consistent with a fitness regimen and a healthy diet. Doctors, the government, gym teachers and parents tell us to eat healthily and exercise but the delivery of the message must dig deeper. We live in a world that is visual. Let's face it, from SnapChat to Instagram we need to see cool content that motivates us to be our best selves. Once the motivation kicks in, the next step is to connect with positive people who can be accountability partners and join us on the journey to falling in love with health. We welcome you to our #SweatSisterhood! Become a member here. It's free and you get access to thousands of fitness diaries written by awesome girls who are on a mission to be happy and love the skin they're in. Live in Atlanta? Come sweat with us! We love to GET FIT + GIVE BACK with female professionals. Join us in flipping the ingrained negative stereotypes that sweat holds, become positive role models by changing the face of fitness, and investing in training young, health leaders nationwide to solve the problem of the obesity epidemic in the US. Our "SWEAT SHOW" schedule is below.  Are you a corporation, small business, non-profit organization, or school? Partner with us!








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