Working Out On Campus

Today's Workout: 
Workout Duration: 
over 30 minutes
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm grateful for: 
Tomorrow's goals...: 
be productive and intentional
Journal entry: 
As part of my freshman orientation class, we were required to participate in a health and wellness activity on campus. We had to choose between rock climbing or glow in the dark cyclin and by the picture you can see I chose the latter. Cycling has been something I've been into since taking a class at Total Fitness Revolution during a PGS event earlier this year. My legs always burn and I have to push myself to get through the usual 30 minute or more workout but it's totally worth it. At the cycling class on campus, over 15 students gathered in the gym on the bikes and we sweated intensely for over 30 minutes. The class instructor was very lively and kept us motivated and her playlist was great as well. Though I attended this class because it was a homework assignment, I was happy to workout and burn some calories!