What is a Healthy Diet & Exercise Combo?

Today's Workout: 
Dance Dance Dance
chicken breast and mixed vegetables
I'm listening to: 
Jill Scott - Crossed my Mind
I'm grateful for: 
The ability to move my body
Tomorrow's goals...: 
Kill it in dance class
Journal entry: 
As a freshman in college, I started off as a gym junkie who made time for the gym no matter what time it was. I would finish my homework and go to the gym at 1 am just to get a workout in. I soon realized that this was throwing off my sleep and time management, so I knew I had to scale back. At the same time, my eating habits were also not the best. I am used to eating home cooked meals, as most freshmen are. I was trying to utilize my meal plan, but at the same time, I wanted more variety..well a variety that I like. Although I go dancing and run on the other days, I also took notice of the fact that I gravitated towards cardio. Cardio is easisest for me, but to build more muscles as I desire to, I have to do more strength training. I'm upset that I am just now making this discovery for myself, but I am hoping to find more ways to incorporate strength training into my everyday life even if it's only for 15-20 minutes. As I learn more about myself, like that fact that potatoes are my weakness, I am seeing how I can become a better me. That is also why I am taking a vow to myself to change my lifestyle to become healthier. I just turned 18 and would like to set myself up to live a healthy life with a toned body, better eating habits, and time for me. One of the main ways I will achieve this is through dance. Starting today, I want to push myself to kill every class and improve as a dancer. I am hoping that by next semester I will have already gained a routine that will set me up for success for the remainder of college.