Track Meet 3-23-19

Today's Workout: 
100 and 200 meter
Workout Duration: 
The meet lasted about 4 hourse
Honey Cheerios with cinnamon applesauce and a banana
Leftover spaghetti
Mcdonald's: 10 piece nugget meal with fries
an extra banana and some pretzels
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
shoes on a track, starting gun, and the crowd
I'm grateful for: 
my endurance and my speed
Tomorrow's goals...: 
Faster times, and hopefully a personal best
Journal entry: 
I came to the meet a little late because I had a scholarship interview, so I missed the 4x100 meter relay. Running that extra 100 meters might not seem that serious, but the 4x100 meter is one of my favorite races. The teamwork and efficiency involved in the whole event is what I look forward to every meet, and when I realized I was going to miss that special event, I recognized that I needed to bring it in my other races. This meet was a pre-limb (I don't think I spelled that right) meet for the championship which was on the following Thursday. My 4x100 meter relay team did not qualify for the championship, giving me some extra motivation for my other races. My 100 meter was successful: I came in first in my heat, and I placed first overall in the meet at a 12.55. My 200 was also pretty good: I again came in first in my heat, and I qualified 4th in the meet. I was a bit disappointed in myself in the 200 because I felt like I could've gotten a shorter time, but running 200 meters at a full sprint is super hard. So, I promised myself I would do better in both races at Thursday's championship meet.