Time to hit the gym again!

Today's Workout: 
Cardio/ running
Workout Duration: 
45 minutes plus a 15 minute cool down
banana and breakfast bar
brown rice, grilled chicken, and veggies
whole wheat pasta spagetti w/ ground turkey
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm grateful for: 
My family because ether have really been there for me especially during my last semesters of college. I call them at any time of day and they are there for me.
Tomorrow's goals...: 
Continue to be active
Journal entry: 
I just came back from an awesome vacation and I was having so much fun with my family that I didn't really have time to dedicate to workouts. I walked a lot, but I was really missing my structured workouts. Now that I am back at school, I have been getting back into my routine and I feel great! I realized that self-care is super important as well as getting your body moving. Once I realized what I was missing, I changed that all around and now I feel great!