Sunday Fun-day

Today's Workout: 
Playing two games of intrmural basketball
Workout Duration: 
40 minutes each
Oatmeal with fresh fruit
caprese salad
cheesy noodles
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
Currently listening to: Timeless - A Boogie
I'm grateful for: 
My family during these trying times with Donald Trump as our new President
Tomorrow's goals...: 
I need to get ahead on the assignments that I have due within the next coming week so that I can manage my time well and be able to make time to get into the gym
Journal entry: 
On Friday January 27th, Temple had our first sweat show of the semester. I have done bike workouts before with track practice but nothing like the cycling class that we had on Friday. It was humbling to see how everyone else was doing well within the class and that I realized that I was struggling. It made me want to push myself to get better. I would definitely go to another cycling class. Our instructor was very excited about what he does and I think that makes people want to enjoy the workout as much as he does. His positivity throughout the entire 45 minute session was great.