Nike Equality Commercial

I'm grateful for: 
the color of my skin
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Learn something new and spread the love!
Journal entry: 
Hey Sisters! A couple days ago the Grammys were shown on television, and had millions of viewers glued to the television screen. Around halfway through, a commercial for Nike was shown. This was not simply an advertisement, but a message sent to say EVERYONE should stand together if they want to be heard. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the message Nike was sending, it was powerful. Powerful figures such as Lebron James and Alicia Keys were in the promotion. Big companies such as Nike, Adidas, Underarmour, etc., are taking stances. We already know the huge influence they have on those who follow. I advise everyone to look into their favorite athletic wear companies and see what they are supporting when they wear them. If it aligns with your beliefs, that is great, but I do think it is important to evaluate your choices. I found a renewed respect for Nike when I viewed the promotion. They weren't selling me something or advertising the newest gear, but raising awareness for an issue of separation that has been plaguing our nation for too long. Faith