Leg Day Moves!

Today's Workout: 
PGS Leg workout that I just finished an article on!
Workout Duration: 
1 Hour
Whey to be! Protein Cookie
Kale salad with Egg white omelette
Thai food - whoops!
Half a pint of Halo top Ice Cream (It's a low sugar, high-protein ice cream)
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
7 Rings- Ariana Killed that
I'm grateful for: 
Friendships, food, and this red wine to pair with my Thai Food #Cheatday !
Tomorrow's goals...: 
I have a lot of school work to get done so I'm ahead this week! I'm also going to kill my workout.
Journal entry: 
Guys!!! This workout was so hard. I always write them so easily for my PGS article, then when I go to do it/film it, I'm dying!!!! But it burned good! I originally had 10 exercises, but after completing the whole workout, I think it was a bit too much (I can hardly walk- lol). I took two of the moves out, and plan on doing another leg day article in the near future. I think it's important to know your limit in the gym, and not overdo it! Sometimes, less is more. Your muscles need to be able to recover in order to get stronger. If you make yourself so sore, you may have to miss a workout because you're not fully recovered. So the lesson of the week is don't do 10 exercises for one muscle group. It's a little bit too much. Give this one a try- you won't regret it. Well, maybe you will... but it's worth it. ;)