It's Okay to Slack...As Long As You Bounce Back

Today's Workout: 
walking around neighborhood
I'm listening to: 
Frank Ocean & A$AP Ferg
I'm grateful for: 
My family
Tomorrow's goals...: 
To have fun and live in the moment
Journal entry: 
I absolutely love the holidays. I get to see my family that lives far away and just get to relax for once. But the holiday season also means there are food and sodas and sugary desserts everywhere. Since Thanksgiving, I've been indulging more than usual and while it's easy to feel guilty about it... I don't. I've been eating healthier all year and have been working to cut down my consumption of foods and beverages that aren't good for me. I deserve to cheat a bit at the end of the year. We all deserve to eat the treats we want during this time of year. So, here's to guilt-free snacking and eating during the next few days.