How Kickboxing Class Has Kicked My Butt

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1 Hour
Egg White Omelet with spinach, bacon bites, and cheese
Roast Beef with Steamed Spinach and Sweet Potatoe
Grilled Tilapia and Mixed Vegetables
apple, orange
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My Hip-Hop Playlist
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The New Opportunities That Are Coming For My Career (A.K.A. Internships)
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To get my work done early so I can hang out with friends
Journal entry: 
My earliest experience with kickboxing came from my grandma's old Tae-Bo home workout videos. I always enjoyed the intensity of the workout and the ability to release any tension or pent-up anger. However, I have recently been taking kick-boxing classes at my university gym. I am happy to say I love it. It has been so much fun jamming out to upbeat songs. Also, similar to the old-school Tae-Bo it is very high intensity. I always feel that if I am not sweating profusely by the end of a workout, I have not worked out. Kickboxing does the trick. Nonetheless, I believe that the biggest challenge for me has been the mental challenge. Memorizing the combinations of punch, jabs, kicks, and uppercuts is like a workout for your mind. Another reason why it is beneficial for your mental state is because if you are feeling upset about something or someone you can release your anger and "fight it out." Overall, I know that I will continue to keep kickboxing as part of my work out routine.