Help A Sista Out!

Today's Workout: 
Full Body Circuit: Lunges, squat jumps, planks, side abbs with weight
Workout Duration: 
1 Hour
Vanilla Yogurt with granola, and cinnamon raisn bread with peanut butter
Spinach, Bannana, Strawberry Smoothie
Grilled chicken with string breans
Cashews, pita chips and hummus
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells
I'm grateful for: 
Waking Up this Morning
Tomorrow's goals...: 
Complete my homework before the weekend
Journal entry: 
Fitness is a lifestyle. I choose to workout and eat nutritious foods because I want to live a long, happy, and prosperous life. However, there is a great number of young women in this country who want to exercise and create healthy eating habits, but do not know how. I met a girl today in one of my classes who is struggling with creating a workout regimine. Everytime she goes to the gym, she only does cardio because that's the only form of exercise that she is comfortable doing. We chatted for a little about her fitness goals, and then I asked her to come to the gym with me! We exchanged numbers, and are planning on working out together after class. I am so excited to help her on this journey, and cannot wait to see her progress throughout the semester. I am sharing this anecdote, to encourage all of you to encourage others. Exercise might come easy for you, but it does not come easy to everyone. We can change an individual's life by helping them create a workout and meal regimine that will drastically improve their self confidence and body image. Not only will you grow from the experience, but you will be an inspiration to others.