Double Bike Challenge

Today's Workout: 
Throwback to 2 days ago but I wanted to share! Biking through the hilly beach!
Workout Duration: 
60 minutes
Chicken Salad - More of a brunch
I had brunch instead of two seperate meals
Grilled chicken, brussle sprouts, and potatos
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
The Beach :)
I'm grateful for: 
This warm weather and breeze
Tomorrow's goals...: 
I have tomorrow off so I'm planning to do some research for my song release.
Journal entry: 
This was a fun workout! My boyfriend and I raced my mom and little sister with double bikes down the boardwalk of Huntington Beach! It was a lot harder than it looks because that bike is HEAVY!!!! So all the hills were super challenging. It was nice because the weather was perfect (like 65 degrees) so I didn't sweat a lot, but I definitely felt the burn. When I'm on vacation, I like to stay active and find fun ways to get my workouts in. After this, we did end up going to the gym, but I thought this would be more fun to share. ;)