Cardio + UpperBody Day

Today's Workout: 
50 Min. Cardio and 35 Min. Upper Body Weightlifting
Workout Duration: 
1 Hour 25 Minutes
None - it was too early for breakfast
Egg white omelette with Mozarella and spinach with home fries
Deciding now!
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
Still Meek Mill! I'm so serious when I say its fire.
I'm grateful for: 
Opportunity and abudance.
Tomorrow's goals...: 
PACK - I'm headed to Cali for chirstmas and haven't even thought about packing yet!
Journal entry: 
What a week! First of all, I'm so excited to be leaving NYC for some time. I have been on my game in all aspects these past few weeks- and I feel like I've really ended the year with a bang. I'm so excited to have a healthy and active holiday with hiking and healthy food in California. A break is well needed, and though I'll be working and reading, I'm going to have much more time to think and relax. I'm planning on working out 4 times a week there since my mom is a gym member. For once, I want to leave the holidays feeling full of energy and not drowning in turkey, Christmas cookies, and french fries (I will have them in moderation though, don't worry)! Next year will be one to remember, and I'm planning on focusing even harder on my goals. Happy holidays!