Bike Ride from Midtown to Wall Street

Today's Workout: 
Workout Duration: 
1 Hour
Egg white Omelette with Low Fat Swiss Cheese and Sauteed Veggies
To be decided
To be decided (it's early still!)
Probably Halo Top ice cream- hahaha!
Stay hydrated! # of 8oz. glasses of water: 
I'm listening to: 
Nothing! I just ride my bike and get fresh air.
I'm grateful for: 
My newfound energy.
Tomorrow's goals...: 
School, school, workout, school, and practice piano!
Journal entry: 
My back has been hurting me this weekend, so today I'm taking it easy with a bike ride. It's about an 8-mile ride, but it's much easier on my legs and back. It's also very refreshing to glide through the path with an NYC skyline view. I've been really energized and that means I push myself way too much (in the gym, at meetings, staying up late) just trying to fit in extra stuff. Though I feel great, my body isn't always too happy. This weekend I slowed it down and spent time relaxing. Today I have to go to the studio, but I decided to take a cab (to avoid uncomfortable Subway seats and stress on my back carrying my backpack.) Treat yourself well, everyone!